Replacing Micro JST 1.25 Connectors

I have looked around with no success. I am planning to replace plug sockets on the spare fc I have for my SPC Maker 90X. I took them off thinking it would be better for direct connection (as many had suggested before) but found it more problematic than it was worth.

On the board two motors were vertical and two were horizontal to make room for the receiver in the frame. The horizontal ones are where I am unsure if there is a technique for bending the pins.

Hi, you can bend the pins but they quickly fatigue and tend to break off in a crash, from the factory the horizontal ones are usually different sockets :

horizontal :
vertical :

If you need a few and are in the EU I can send some in the mail as I have quit a few left over. Just pm me

Thank you for the heads up and sadly I am over yonder in the states.

You can get away with placing standard connectors sideways, sit the pins over the pads/holes they’d normally go through and solder down. Make sure polarity is correct and take care plugging and unplugging as they are not as strongly attached as through hole.

I decided to just stay vertical as I am using a different frame than the 90X, so more room and I mounted the rx on the top of the frame to open up some room.