Replacing a 2.4g betafpv antenna on whoop controller?


A large problem that i’ve noticed with the Betafpv f3 whoop fc is that the antenna frequently breaks off. Its a piece of solid wire, and is very flimsy. Quite often while retrieving the kwad, I notice that the antenna is no longer present. It seems to have a common breaking point of a few millimeters above the soldering joint. The antenna no longer present, and no replacement available that I could find, (the antenna is not a coaxial cable, rather a solid piece of copper wire, or a different material) I turn to MMC for help. This has happened on all the betafpv boards I have had, and I have had a few. Right now, Im using a piece of random wire I had laying around and googled a length and soldered it on. Could I use a coaxial cable? the unshielded wire has burnt out one of my boards by bending across my + and - pads once. If not, what could I use, and what size should i make it? other than this issue, the betafpv f3 fc performs wonderfully! Thanks in advance!


Thin silicone insulated wire cut so that 31mm sticks up off the board will work nicely.
You can use coax to locate the antenna forget away from the board, but it’s not generally worth it.


Thanks! thats really helpful.


is this good? Compared to all my other antennas on all my tiny fishes it seems a bit long…


31mm is good enough.


Looks good to me. Certainly close enough.

A tiny bit long is often good, as nearby materials (especially, but not only conductive materials) slowly the wave propagation down the antenna slightly.
RF / Radio really is magic.

In any event, that should work well for you.

The other thing you can do is start definitely too long, test range, trim, test range, trim, test range, etc. and then put a new antenna on and trim it to the ideal from testing.