Replacement TBS Xracer flight controller


Hi all

Just wantning to get some recommendations on a replacement flight controller for my TBS xracer. Not looking for anything too fancy but would like if possible to have built in frsky receiver on the board.

So what would you replace it with?



I was pretty happy with this thing:

It’ll involve some soldering to install it.
It’s actually cheaper to get the no-rx realscc version and a xm or xm+ RX though.

You’ll get better range, too.

EDIT: both of those have OSD, but I’d still recommend them over most of the sp-racing-f3 FCs even if you don’t plan to use the osd capability.


Thanks for the reply bobnova. Ive got a spare xm so will probably use that. Any reason why youd pick these over the SP racing f3s? Do the SP have a high failure rate?


Two reasons, one is that I really like OSD and the spf3 doesn’t have OSD, and the other is that the mpu6500 gyro on the spf3 often requires soft mounting and since filtering work, while the mpu6000 on the omnibus based OSD boards is much better at ignoring noise.