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Replace nrf24l01 with nrf24l01 pa lna or bayang spi on Irange irx6 module


As we all know, the range of the irange Irx6 module is terribly short.

But I think there’s a way to make the range of this module up to 1 kilometer with this Nrf24l01 pa lna which costs $2 on eBay. This is the wiring diagram of nrf24l01 pa lna. The wirings are compatible with Irx6 module. What do you guys think?:grinning:


If you can get the pinout right it’ll be much better. Like, a lot.

Just FYI though, the PA/LNA module is rather higher output power than is technically legal in the US for that frequency band.
The odds of the FCC showing up and yelling at you are very low (unless you’re close enough to a government site to interfere with their use of 2.4ghz, but you have to be very very close), but it’s something you should be aware of.

I’ve used one, they’re much nicer than the non-amplified unit!


Looks like that’s the one BetaFPV uses in their new Bayang module, so at least we know it works :slight_smile: https://betafpv.com/products/litemodule-bayang-rf-module


Oh, looks like a huge improvement for NFE Silverware users!:+1:


Yeah with this one you can actually go to the other room without a failsafe, but unfortunately it’s still PPM so any 4in1 module is still worth the extra $.


I did this but had to give to NRF module its own power source rather than taking it from the irx because it wasnt working. If you get a real Nordic NRF rather than clone it uses less power I think and you might be ok.

The original printed snake antenna was trash, worse than the jelly bean controller <30m


How did you remove the stock nrf module on irx?


Just soldering iron across the connectors


I’m tired of waiting for new nrf lol but I have a new idea, which is using bayang spi as a transmitting module for irange irx . I found a bayang spi receiver from my old x9 tx and it has 8 pins. Do you guys think it will work? 6 of 8 pins are the same as the pins in irx module. The other two on bayang rx are CLK and VDD, while on the irx module SCK and VCC 3V3.

For power supply, what voltage is acceptable for the bayang spi?