Removing solder from through holes on a PCB

Hola, here is a technique that I caught from Benedikt Haak to clear through holes on a PCB mainly a flight card since that is all I actually ever work on. Thanks for the tip @Benedikt.


Cheers @madman1412 I’ve read about this technique and been advised but never seen a video of it actually working. I’ve been way to gentle with the flick part.
It’s the through hole clearing that I find the biggest pain when I’m cleaning up a board to use in a new build.
You should do more instructional videos dude, you’re good at it :+1:

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good trick, thank you ! I ripped so many cards poking this damn holes… maybe @Benedikt will make them bigger for future release?

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Thanks for spreading the word @madman1412!
I like to wear glasses or at least close my eye when doing this.
Happy flicking :wink:

I don’t think we can make the holes bigger for the next round, but if that’s a popular wish, I will put it on Santa’s list.

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