Red and Black Brushed Motors


Just found these on banggood. They look really awesome. My eyes couldn’t believe themselves at first.


@Benedikt also has Chaoli working on producing some of these motor color schemes to differentiate the various motors. Will be cool to accessorize the builds with a little color added to the motors :wink:


I’m looking forward to a bit of MMW bling.


They look awesome but 53500rpm doesn’t sound like a lot. I’m not sure but I think it’s about 15.000kV? Does anoyone know the exact formula to calculate those?


Yeah, color coding is great!
I will do this a little more systematic than BG :wink:
Only the fastest will get dark housings.

kV = rpm/V


If they follow the brushless route we might get candy colors!i did see them earlier andgotexcited but no yellow!


Yellow would be cool !!


Just saw these in the store:

Love the writing on the motors too


Xbox (and anyone else) The Chaoli spin @ 39,000rpm So whether or not the 55,000 is a lot, it is a 40% jump from the Chaoli.


Colours are good; i had two different speed 6mm motor sets separated but I bumped them and the magnets sucked them all together, now I don’t know which is which! (Is there any way to tell medium from fast in 6mm? Maybe by weight?)


Might have different electrical resistance between the two motor wires. Will definitely have different power draw when loaded at full speed.

It’s multimeter time I think.


Look at the bottoms. chances are they are from different manufactures and have some sort of writing on them - I was able to tell the difference among the Spintechs, Chaoli, and the Nano Stock just from the color of the bottom and the writing.
Good luck


Thanks chime!


Hi i get a set of these motors and they are really really slow.
Best regards Marc