Recommended DVR for micro FPV?


I have an iPhone, so I’m not sure it would work so well, since Apple is not open source at all.

I was looking at the Eachine ProDVR since I have a EV800 headset. Have you guys had any experience with it?


I have that dvr
I wired it into my cyclops googles w a vid from you tube
Works good :blush:


Banggood has it for 95 bucks too.


For me the pro dvr works as a charm. I did the mod to my vr007 and found it really easy to do (you only have to solder 3 wires directly to the receiver and make a hole in the goggles to take the wires outside, where the prodvr will be placed with double sided tape). The video quality is good. I’m sure other fpv goggles options would be better, but i’m pretty happy with my setup.

On the other hand, with the “easy mod” you connect the pro dvr to the receiver, so you can’t see the pro dvr menu on your goggles, you can only record the image by pressing a button. There’s a youtube tutorial of a guy that did the pro dvr mod to his goggles. In the goggles screen he can see the image from the receiver, and he put a switch in the goggles to shift to the pro dvr signal, so he can also see the recorded flights and navigate the menu.

In another youtube tutorial a guy can only see the signal from the prodvr in the goggles, but i think this has some latency when you’re recording, maybe not convenient for flying fpv

There are more tutorials on this mod with switch, hopefully also for your goggles.

The only thing i notice with the prodvr is that it may not startup if you connect a battery with low voltage. In that case you just unplug the battery and try a few more times until it works

Curiously, the recorded footage is not always the same than the image you see in the goggles. Only happened to me in areas with heavy wifi interference, where i had an enough clear image in my goggles, but the recorded footage had a lot more interferences and drop outs


You could always get an external Dvr and rx58xx and make ur own dvr reciever thats external from the goggles. Perhaps less lag and dropout cause its not sharing a/v feed. Thats why the external dvrs work better if i understand the info and reviews I read. Not as fancy as an aomway rx006. But costs less until you include build time. You gotta add ur time as a consideration of cost.