Recommended DVR for micro FPV?


just found this thing on RMRC. could plug it into a laptop, anyways.


i have PC capture device… i need battery portable DVR. the dominators are really looking better and better.


i was gonna push the “buy” button on a pair of dominator v3s the other day, and all the dudes i talked to on various forums said i was gonna be let down after the immersion i’m getting out of the Quanum V2s.

i will say, those goggles with the 170* cam i have on the micro i just built are super fun!


maybe, but super portable and built in receiver and DVR. i have been flying with V2s some recently and screen in that is nice. better than my teleporters. not sure i could wear quanums.


I assume what you mean is that you can only view these files with that DVR and they cannot be saved and opened by a computer? Do you know what format it is saving the file to? Maybe the firmware for the DVR could be Haaked :wink: Or if you can get it to save a file to the computer a file format converter could be used but that could be a serious pain to record and recode everything to get a file that could be opened.


Well I just saw this a few days a go but I have not found any review yet. It seems to be a new product. cheap and super small
And I bought this thing that supposedly I can use to record on a computer or android device both are cheap light weight options.

I think this thing are really important when you need to figure out were you crashed, been able to replay the flight seems to help a lot.


Just found this Aomway DVR, posted on reddit. It has its own RX so doesn’t require a cable from your googles.

@MultirotorGo I like the look of that small banggood unit as you could probably mount it to your goggles. The reviews highlight a few issues however. No PAL, doesn’t remember settings.


I’ve heard good things about the Aomway unit but have never used one myself.


It’s ok, recording quality is good but the channel mapping mine had was not right (just didn’t make any sense!), I actually ended up using an arduino nano, changing the module to spi, and writing firmware for it so now mine does raceband too :slight_smile: (and still shows numbers on the LEDs). The firmware may be better these days, got mine over a year ago!


I ended up with the Aomway DVR from hifpv:

I’m very happy with it. It records sound and allows you to playback footage in your goggles or monitor which I didn’t expect it to do.

Sample footage (it was a bit wet that day): A bit of Carbon-H garden flying


New cheap DVR from


Yes, it’s the same as the HMDVR -

But cheaper :wink:

I use the HMDVR and can recomend.


Check out my review of the HMDVR


Is the HMDVR better than the eachine ProDVR? I am leaning toward the eachine because of the price but not sure if the quality is good.

Also there is this new goggles product from BG that has DVR already and it will be sold @ 69 for pre-order. Now I’m a bit indecisive if I should wait for that or upgrade my quanum cyclops instead.


I think they are exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol I’ll get the eachine then. thanks man


sorry to bring up an old thread, but I figured maybe it’s time to get some current opinions on our FPV DVR options, and if anyone has any positive or negative experiences maybe to let us know! :smiley:

I know eachine has a 7" monitor with DVR and built in battery, they also have like a $15 option Eachine ProDVR Pro…

of course fatsharks has built in DVR for some of their models, but they are quite pricey.

Any one have any good cheap easy set ups that are working out?


I use the eachine screen with DVR. Only issues I’ve had have either been signal related (it doesn’t always recover from drops), or SD card related (don’t let it full itself completely…).

Overall I’m very happy with it.


@Bobnova Link plz?


I used to use an EasyCAP setup to display the video on my phone, then recorded the phone screen. One of the reasons I got the Dominator SE’s was the convenience of the built in receiver. However I must say, the video quality of the built in DVR is worse than the EasyCAP setup. So I traded some quality for convenience.

Advantages of EasyCAP setup, recording on your phone screen:

-Better video quality compared to built-in DVR (exactly what you see in the goggles goes to the phone screen)
-Records in 60 fps
-Records environmental sound
-Also works as a passenger screen

-A lot of wires (annoying and can also ruin your recording if one of them comes loose)
-have to start multiple apps on your phone. (and not forget to record your screen!)
-Notifications can pop up and ruin your video
-Drains your phone battery

Sometimes I consider going back to the phone method though, just because of the quality.

This uses video out, you could also do a similar thing with one of those separate receivers for your phone, however they will not have the same reception as the goggles.