Recommended DVR for micro FPV?


i use the Quanum V2s with a boscam RC832 VRx that has 2 video outputs. my 250 had a Sony Actioncam on it, ‘til it failed to live through a 40’ fall onto gravel. i’ve got a Mobius on the way. i’m wondering now how i’ll be able to record flights on the 110mm i am building. is there a cheap and easy way to use that 2nd output on the RC832 to record?


Was flying with someone who had a 5" LCD screen with receiver and DVR. Worked great.


I tried 2 cheap dvrs. Both of them were terrible. The video was super choppy. It was a small blue security DVR from Amazon and the Hobby King DVR. Don’t buy those. Benedikt really likes the RMRC dvrs and his videos are great. I ended going with the Dom V2s because I was thinking about getting those goggles anyway. I’ve had good seucess with it. Even when I fly my Headplays I just put out the Doms to record. That also allows me to put the recording device closer to the area of flight.


I have this one en rout to me.[Boscam DV01S FPV 5.8G][1] [1]: I didnt do much research, just kinda holding my breath that it works ok.
If anyone has experience let me know; otherwise you can expect video from me in time.


that one is only 8 channels… i am looking for a 32 channel one. prices seem to be ~$130-$200 for one.


8 channels would probably be fine for me. As of right now I am the only one I know messing with this stuff. I found a dude on reddit the other day that’s about 1/2 an hour from me. We’ve got a “drone date” this Sunday if I isnt still raining haha.


[quote=“Sparky, post:6, topic:199”]
8 channels would probably be fine for me. As of right now I am the only one I know messing with this stuff.[/quote]

It’s more of a question of what 8 channels is it and are those the same 8 channels your FPV gear uses.


Yeah. It’s the 8 channels broadcasted is the problem. Not sure why all 32 aren’t on all of them. Last weekend with 4 people we were stepping on each other at times.


Hmm. Well I’m a noob, and I fly alone. Did anyone happen to notice if any of those 8 channels are fat shark compatible? I think it’s airwave… I might’ve just burned some dollars

Edit to add from product:Receiving frequency:5645-5945MHz;8CH


Normally I fly alone, was just making point even on 8 channels it gets crowded with as few as 4 people and I don’t see why all aren’t 32 channel now.


I just looked at the link again and its got video in, so it will record from your Quanum setup with a video out. So if you’re already flying FPV it will just record that feed. Channels on the DVR don’t matter in that case.


yeah, i didnt see his quanum original post. that should work great… though xmas list: dominators w/ 32 channel module.


@Complacent1 what do you mean by “it’s got video in, so it will record from your Quanum setup…?” are you talking about one of the aforementioned DVRs in this post?


It has external video input so can use it to record other sources. I guess the product @boomtown ordered.


This is what Im using:

It works good, for the most time. Two main complaints I have:

  • It crashes when the video feed gets too weak. Last video is not saved, needs hard reset. If you crash too hard, BAM, video gone. If you switch off the vTx before hitting “stop” - immediate regret.
  • Visible compression artifacts, even at highest settings. The higher the quality, the more likely it crashes.

I have also rigged up a stationary 8-channel DVR from a security monitoring system. Its more reliable, produces less artifacts, has more storage (I put a 3TB disk into it), but it creates video files that I cant open with any other friggin program. have not given up yet though… Will post when I got it working :wink:


That security cam system is a really good idea. I may be able to score one of those off one of my customers, actually. Not really portable, though. Hard to believe there isn’t a keychain sized thing the does the same thing with the same quality the fatsharks do that you can buy seperately.


Also, looks like that FPV1000 was discontinued because of quality issues, hehe.

Replaced with this


isnt that the absolute truth? i mean a mobius sized device with receiver and lipo with simple 1/8" jack input?


i’d take one without a Rx, even. my boscam has 2 V outs.


i suppose you are right just taking the AV out of the headsets. its kind of silly this doesnt exist.