Recommendations for a noob

Hello MMC, I’ve not posted for years. I’m going to lend an E010 to a complete noob that expressed an interest. What are some recommendations you would give him, or wished someone had given you before your first flight? Also, if you have pages or sites you found helpful that would be great.

I have some DOC with instructions for noobs for bwhoop and H101 that I wrote long ago for my nephews - but all is in Croatian :frowning:
And have no time to translate… :frowning:
But basically:

  • be careful not to hit something or someone, not to go too far and not to go too high or it might fly away
  • when crash (not “if” -“when” :wink: ), check props - if damaged, replace (be aware what prop goes to what motor). Check if dust or grass or something is stuck between motor and prop before start (or motor might burn out if you hit throttle and it is blocked)
  • never fly near people or animals
  • never fly in wind outside
  • land when low voltage warning kicks - do not continue flying or battery will suffer and eventually lost capacity
  • never leave batteries unattended during charging and use some good charger instead USB one that comes with these type of toys
  • when flying is over, charge batteries to 3.85V - use multimeter to check if there is no proper charger with some voltage display. NEVER leave them fully charged nor below 3.85V - when charged, fly! Or discharge them to 3.85V if not flying
  • if battery is hot or damaged, discharge it fully using some of methods from internet (with light bulb etc.) and properly put in a bin (lot of info on that are around)

Etc. …

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Thanks for this.
Basic stuff we take for granted, but had to learn from somewhere.

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