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Recommendations for 1S brushless build for indoors?


There’s a bunch of 1S brushless gear currently on sale at Banggood, and since 90% of my flying is around my apartment, I was tempted to try to build something for indoor flight. Does anyone have recommendations for a good frame (16mmx16mm FC/ESC, hopefully with ducts or some sort of prop guard)?

I’m not a great pilot, but have enjoyed slowly doing laps with my Tiny Whoop and Silverxxed E010s and E011s. Blazing speed is less important than durability and now hurting my kids when I fly into them.

Should I just get another E011, or is there a frame out there that would work for an indoor crash-a-lot quad?


I would say another E011 or something ducted. Those tend to be the safest indoors.


E011 is best IMO for cost/durability/safety.


i didn’t understand, you want a Brushed or a Brushless :neutral_face:…?


I was going to ask how you are mounting brushless motors on the e011 frame.


I have everything needed for a tiny indoor brushless build sitting in my cart at Bangood–0703s, 16x16mm FC and 4xESCs, 75mm frame… But I’m not sure if a 1S brushless is worth it, when the hacked E011 is so good.

I’ve heard that the RacerStar 0703s don’t even last as long as a brushed motor, for example.

Basically, I am wondering if the move to brushless is worth it, if I’m not going to be blazing around a park so much as banging into my apartment walls. And brushless 0703-compatible ducted frames are hard to come by! (1103/4s are everywhere.)


The boldclash B06 looks good - a genuine brushless whoop but honestly given the reliability of anything smaller than an 1102/3 I’d stick with the E011.


I’ve had an e011 since launch and FPVd it with a little tx01 AIO cam/vtx. Went really well, especially on the stock battery. Now it has been put out to pasture as my son’s LOS practice crashing quad. It is a lot of fun indoors. The furibee f3 board is a great updgrade to full betaflight

I simply don’t think there is enough space indoors typically to do acrobatic flight, especially in an apartment.


If you want to build your own 1s brushless, this Kit might good for you. I forget if it was mentioned in the video, but the main plate is carbon fiber. I opted for a different 2s brushless frame, but I think RKH also sells larger frames in the same style.

Also, RKH replacement products are more expensive, so there`s that.


I will go to do a burshless Whoop with 703 and Rakon frame…
The 703 motors are very tiny, so, if you buy with high Kv, the life time is a bit short…
But, if you buy the 703 10000kv or 12000kv (the motors i will buy) and use 4 Blade instead 3 Blade Rakon, you have very good punch and power feeling, and motors life more then brushed…!
With 240mah lipo, you have about 4 minutes fly!


The 0703 12000KV’s on 1S have very similar power to a brushed whoop, and as such require careful consideration to weight the 10000KV’s on 2S are way over powered for indoors. The 15000KV’s sound like the go if you want a performance upgrade… there are some options on Thingiverse for the 0703’s if you have acess to a printer.