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Real life fpv - speedflying


I know this isn’t exactly quad related but i couldn’t help think about how similar these 2 types of hobbies are, except one is in real life lol I believe the video is about 10 minutes long so if you are bored at work you may like this.

paragliding seems so chill! like filmopgrahy quads, just grasping some beautiful views, where as speed flying is kind of the same thrill FPV mini quads and micros provides… but in real life! lol

hope everyone is having a good day!

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Paragliding is one of the best things to do in life :slight_smile: I actually have a paraglider pilot licensce, and quite a few flights done, nothing extreme though.
Thanks for this video @quadlifepro! Very informative and beautiful shots.
One thing I wouldn’t agree is how the guy says he bought the glider online and watched a few YouTube tutorials - anyone planning to paraglide should go to a paragliding school or instructor! YT can’t substitue for proper learning curve, and safety should really go first there. Have a nice day too!

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Nice! it seems so cool! I thought that was a little sketchy that he bought it online lol what if it had a hole in it or something! You have inspired me to look further into a paragliding school! This is definitely on my life’s to-do list!


Oh, actually it’s not the buying online part that didn’t seem right to me, what I meant is that “watching some YouTube tutorials” for sure isnt enough to start paragliding, at least not for everyone. There are many different aspects of the sport that should be learned from an experienced instructor, practical aspects as well as teoretical :smiley:
Actually it’s OK (and even quite common) to buy para-gliders online, new as well as used - you can and should give it to somone in the know to inscpect it after buying it though (to make sure it’s safe to flight etc.) :slight_smile:

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