Real HD on your Tiny Whoop!

Wow 3.7g. That’s much better than the cam in this post!

I think i adjusted volume properly in editing but all recordings with my cyclops the motor\props start super loud for 4 seconds then get quieter. IMHO the cyclops lens is terrable its like trying to fly while looking through a scope :laughing: watch the little black car get shorter when i fly next to it! lol

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Having a separate cam for vtx is a must! Vertical fov is too short and the lens is like a fish eye.

Awesome! I liked the way you hot glued the cameras on! Pretty sure I’m going to have to do the same because I have almost no room for it on my micro!

Has any of you guys tried out an older SQ model? SQ11 or SQ10? They are like half the price on BG.

I have the 11, it’s decent. Nothing fantastic, but not horrible.

I had a SQ11 for a little bit for the price it did what I expected it to do.

Can these SQ cameras run off the same 5V from the BEC on my FC or will that fry it?

Also, does anyone have the dimensions of the stripped down board? I don’t know if I can find room on my micro for it.

Here’s a video I took today with the Turbowing Cyclops. I put it in my 5" as the main FPV cam, with its video out pin connected to FC for telemetry and then a VTX.
This is the video from the Cyclops DVR.
Real audio! That works!


Yes, the Cyclops DVR Cam is very awesome! Highly recommend it.

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Here 's an other solution this guy put a caddx turtle on a brussless whoop look awesone but also a bit too heavy !!

I want to go there on holiday! Impressive flight and camera work in that wind.