Real HD on your Tiny Whoop!

Look here fellas. I think I found a solution to HD on our Whoops!!!


I saw this pop up when it first came out and was wondering how good it is, I’ve been thinking about putting it on my 2inch quad but not sure about latency

I dont really notice any latency in the FPV feed.

There’re some reviews included the dvr for it.

I’ve tried one of the 720p cameras from some toy grade drone before that had a built in 25mm vtx… the video was great and latency was acceptable but the fpv feed looked like it was digital video being processed into an analog signal. Wasn’t a big deal when going slow but I just couldn’t get used to it at faster speeds. Like the sampling rate just wasn’t fast enough and although fast motion appeared smooth … my brain could still detect it was choppy (digital framerate). What does the fpv feed look like on this one? Does it appear to be digital source down converted into an analog broadcast or is it an actual analog broadcast?

I dont believe that its processing digital to analog. I dont have a frame of reference so you can judge for yourself if this is similar to your experience. I dont find the latency to be too bad. I wouldnt recommend this camera for FPV racing. But flying around and the little bit of freestyle I have been able to do it wasnt bad.

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I got one of those TurboWing Cams for my Torrent, but haven’t installed it as my Torrent is flying so well I don’t want to tear it down. It’s a bit heavy for a Whoop IMO, but maybe for a 716 or Indy Plus?

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I dont think it will work with a 6mm build. Im ordering some 6mm motors as I do not have any right now. As soon as they come in Ill do a build and see if it can handle it.

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Here are my latest latency tests.


Watching at real speed I cant really tell, slowing it down and pausing I count 5-11ms across the video (and I have had a drink or more…)

I think its a good effort to show visually the difference.

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Yeah its not bad at all. Definitely not a racers camera.

Looks promising, I’ve ordered one. Gonna either put it on a micro brushless or a 7mm whoop.

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Just ordered one as well… Is there any documentation on these anywhere? I can’t seem to find anything… thx

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What information are you looking for?

They’re probably out there somewhere I’m just being lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

But Just the basics… like

  1. how to start/stop recording
  2. how to switch from 25mw to 100mw
  3. How to switch bands/channels

One button press to record and stop recording. Recording is visually represented by a flashing red led. When it’s not recording the led is solid. I do not have the vtx so I cannot speak on it

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@JBFPV or @CRayTech. I’m looking for a light weight solution to adding an HD camera to my micro quadcopter. I’d still use my runcam with dedicated VTX03 for FPV and this would just be an additional camera for dedicated HD recording and no transmitting. ~6g added weight for HD recording seems okay for my build.

Is this still the best solution or can I get a lighter solution by removing the VTX on this camera? Do you cameras still work after these couple months?

Im waiting on a v2 I ended up breaking mine after to many crashes and no canopy. What is the build? You may be able to get away with both depending on the auw.

Exactly my question, what are you going to put it on? As the more weight it can carry, the better the camera (in general). That new SQ12 looks very promising when naked tho.

I plan to put it on my micro AUW 150g (Emax 1106 4500KV, 3inch triblades, 3S 450mah lipo).

Im looking for the lightest option because my old AUW was 158g and it flew just fine, but I managed to shave off a few grams by going with nylon screws and redesigning my 3D printed cam guard and lipo holder, so I could add back the weight with this cam :wink:

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