Rambo Whooping at Copperwood MFG


I’ve had some Crazy bent frames from China. Brought water to almost boiling, removed from the heat …and dropped it in. Soak 5 minutes
Perfect reformation!


Sshhh, it’s a secret, don’t tell the internet​:wink::wink:

Just kidding, I’m glad you reported back positive results. I pulled my hair out building a Rambo whoop that never flew right because I didn’t notice the frame. Until I pulled it apart and noticed a leg kicked out.
And I have at least two more new ones that are in need of a hot bath
So thank you :blush:


Recently received two tiny 7 frame kits from banggood. One of them absolutely perfect, one of them bent shipped in a box wrapped in foam. Go figure… explain how that happens? Anyway, fixed a pan of boiling water, removed it from the Heat and gave the bent frame a 5 minutes soak. Came out absolutely perfect !!!