Rambo Whooping at Copperwood MFG


I got these parts for the Rambo Whoop build from my mystery box that I ordered around Christmas. Sadly Banggood and their awesome QC sort of spoiled the surprise. Upon inspecting the frame I noticed 2 of the motor mounts were bent inward pretty badly. I first decided I would wait for the 4 E010 frames that I had purchased from Banggood just before I purchased this mystery package. Well, I waited for nearly a week and a half and couldn’t take it anymore. So I took out the hot air and dialed down the temp, heated the struts a little inside the ducts and bent the two mounts back into a reasonably straight position. I found that one of them still had a angle pointing outward after flying some packs and noticing that the quad was drifting to the right. You can see in the video how it is pointing sort of right but flying sort of straight. Last night I inspected the 4 frames I got from BG and wouldn’t you know two of them also had warped motor mounts. I swapped out the components onto one of the straight frames and will hopefully have a more enjoyable proximity experience next time. Just having more than 30 feet of space to give this a good run was awesome. Here is the video:


this is a great video! LOVING the flight space!.. I could definitely rock my 115mm brushed set ups in that large of a space, so a whoop must have been pretty amazing! lol


looks like the cams pointing to the right side a lil


sweet that you have 2 buildings connected if you really wanna have a lot of space!


Yes they have a lot of open air space in this building and there is another one that is about the size of the larger section of building 2 that I was flying in.

Actually my camera is pointing straight forward but the right front motor mount on the frame is bent about 10 degrees outward so the quad was wanting to turn that direction while I was flying. Made it pretty difficult to do any proximity flying sideways but straight ahead. I swapped out the gear to a new frame and hopefully that will fix the issue.

They for sure got space. I have been talking to them for over a year about maybe renting the space on weekends for some racing. Problem is they are an hour and a half away from where I am.


Had a somewhat dry day in the Pacific Northwest and some batteries to deflate so I took the Rambo whoop out back for a beating. My piloting skills are not the greatest and I really don’t get much time to fly so please excuse the amature flight skills. Just want to share a little of my fun with everyone.


That’s a very pnw yard, especially the ubiquitous Himalayan Blackberry vines. Those things are a pain. Source: I’m on the coast of Cali juuuust below Oregon.

Fun video! I enjoyed the captions.


Love the videos, wish I had a warehouse like that to fly in. Too bad I don’t work for a Advance auto anymore, they had a huge one I bet I could have convinced someone to let me use after hours. I feel like our personalities are a bit similar, always trying to fly before we even know how to crawl :wink: haha.

Are you flying in angle mode?


Yes, the blackberries here run thick and wild! I came from back east about 22 years ago and I have never seen so many blackberries in my life! And then there is the viney low growing raspberry that is all over too.

I have found that with a little music the right captions at least I can be funny if I am no ace pilot and make the video a little more bearable to watch. I have been having fun with this but the whoop frame, not so much :joy: Ive cracked two of the ducts and funny thing is it is the rear two ducts. I see scratch marks all around inside the front two ducts from the blades hitting the inside of the duct but no cracks on those yet.


Yeah, I have not ventured into acro yet except back when I started I did get some acro training but never got really good. So I use the gyro crutch. I do plan to get off that and someday learn acro, the hard part is finding the time on a dry day and a large field to practice in.


love the music for that flight! very fitting for the rambo whoop . great flight! It’s a shame that the frame was bent on arrival :frowning:


I ordered 4 from Banggood and 2 had bent struts just like that one did. If I am careful I can bend the struts a little to straighten them and if necessary a little hot air at around 300F can help soften the plastic enough to make it a little easier to get the motor mount straight again. I have about 10 flights on the frame I was flying in the back yard and two fractured rear ducts! Not sure how I didn’t break the front ducts first :blush:

The music I got from FMA lots of cool free music. Spent some time on there listening and downloading what sounded like it would be cool to go with some FPV.


I know those duct scratches! Mine are a disaster, they have grass ground I the scratches too…


So as per usual, I get to go somewhere really beautiful and I am only there to work not to enjoy. Had a project up at one of the many passes here in Washington and brought the Rambo Whoop along in the hope that I would have a moment to do a little FPV action. Well, I got about a minute of fun before I left and it was really more of a pretty picture than doing any crazy flying. The cold pretty much sucked the life right out of the tiny 205mah battery so it was one short flight. I did have the batteries in my pocket to keep them warm but it was almost as if that lasted about 20 seconds or less once I was flying. I do not think the batteries have enough mass to hold temperature very long in the freezing cold. So here is the pretty picture :wink:


Really enjoyed the flight videos man. Wish you had jumped on the whoop train earlier eh? Any alien double narrows in the work? You know, what that will be whoopable?

Keep up the flying man!


Thanks man. I am enjoying this whoop tremendously. Trying to fly FPV indoors was never so enjoyable till this. I did make a mounting plate to make an Alien Whoop but I am not sure it would be worth putting together since I have 30G AUW with that. I could maybe shave 2 grams off of it by removing sockets. I did however Alienate a cheap ass Banggood 8mm 3D printed frame that was very poor quality frame. Flew nicely even with a broke duct or two. Essentially, if them 3D printed frames were durable it would be a nice larger version whoop but as they are they are way too fragile. I broke the rule on this video and made it a little too long but here is that BG frame at my mom’s on Christmas .


Looks a bit low in the power/weight department. I printed a number of 8mm sized “whoop”-alikes. Never built any up… I’m not exactly sure what they are trying to solve. The lightest at 12g for the frame they are already on the heavy side for brushed 8mm frame. The whoop is better indoors, and the maxi-whoops seem under powered for outdoors.


Alien Whoop. Made with an AlienFlight F3 quad and an adaptor plate. 6mm insane dark motors, 2 blade prop chop, 205mah mylipo and crazepony 25mw AIO. Had some fun with all the open space and this. Build is a little heavy but performs well enough for me. There will be some official AlienFlight Whoop FC coming soon to open source :grin: One that is specifically designed to fit the Whoop frames. Here is the video of the porky AF Whoop.


Hi madman,
i just read your post and I give you a good technique to “repair” your whoop frames that arrived from china all smashed and bend!
Just put them about 1 minute into very hot (limit boiling) water: it is works prety well and your whoop is back to life :yum:


Thanks @nico2nice. I used an alternate method and turned down the hot air to about 200F to soften the plastic a little and bend the motor housings back into alignment. With BG it is about a 50% success rate on getting a frame from them that does not need straightening so I am sure there will be more chances to try alternate methods coming up :smile: