Rakonheli CNC WHOOP

Has anyone seen or used one of these yet?? Looks pretty sweet and durable (but expensive)…

Yes, the Rakonheli frame has been around for a while. Looks great but too heavy for me. I prefer my whoops ultralight and fragile rather than heavy and durable. But I also heard the aluminum ducts bend pretty easily and you would have to replace them.

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I have the banggood agress 100 version like this,i already got a ding in a prop guard,if you land heavily you bend the motor mounts which also act like feet so the quad becomes twister and contorted,luckily it can bend back.

At the moment i am a bit off brushed micros and delving into the eorld of brushless micros coming from a bigger brushless quad background.

It looks great initially, but shows damage quickly if you fly like me.

Have one on the build list, also heard about the robustlessness.
I’m pretty sure I just made up a word.
But my rakon NQX flies on rails, so I’m looking forward to it.

lol, the robustlessness sounds bigly.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Ever since I’ve seen their Traxxas Aron frame, Rakonheli has always been sketchy to me. 42.00 for a frame that is heavier and still damages easily is waaaay to much…