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Qx7 bind is with e011


I have a qx7 and I’m using irangex irx4 plus, I managed to set up the multi protocol and bind using the rotary dial on the back but I’d like to bind using open tx. I have it set to multi - Bayang but the sub type donesnt have the Bayang option that I see people using on the taranis 9x. I have auto bind on also and can’t seem to bind this e011. And I have it set to aetr. Any advice is appreciated.


The “Bayang” subtype name changed to “Standard/Std” in OpenTX 2.2.3 (released January 6, 2019, previous was 2.2.2 - released July 2018), so that is the right selection.

Is this the stock E011 firmware or Silverware? On stock firmware, I never got autobind working. I just switched to another model and back to my E011 model on the Q X7 to get it to rebind.


It’s stock e011 firmware and I can’t get it to bind whatsoever unless I use the dial on the back to bind it. We’re u able to bind it at all using open tx?


Yes, I was able to get it to bind using the dial on the back (PPM mode) and using the serial mode (via OpenTX, with the PPM dial on the module set to 0).

I do remember at one point that I had trouble with the “Bayang” protocol selection, but got it to work with the “Custom” protocol selection, Type 14 with Subtype 0. I don’t remember what I did different, but soon after got it working just fine with Bayang/Bayang(Std) and still have it set up like that. So you could try to use “Custom” protocol to see if it makes a difference.

Also, I think the fact that you have “No telemetry” as your External RF status also means that you don’t have a recent multiprotocol module (MPM) firmware (otherwise, the firmware version would be shown there). It should work with an E011 without updating the iRange X+ firmware, but it might help, I guess. (https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/docs/Compiling_STM32.md)


Gonna try that out when I get home. Thanks a lot for all the great info


Turns out I was trying to bind thru open tx with the green light lit on the irx4 plus. That means instead of being in the 0 position I was in 15 position. So no wonder it wouldn’t bind. Thanks for the help though