Questions regarding Horizon mode - BF 3.2.2


Good day !

I’ve been flying in Horizon Mode with a vortex150 for a few months
and I recently upgraded from BetaFlight 3.0.2 to BF 3.2.2.

I also switched Tx/Rx from Spektrum ppm to Frsky Sbus,
before testing the new firmware with my old setup :thinking:

It feels like horizon mode is a bit looser or harder to control,
and banking corners is more difficult aswell since I did the update
so I started looking at the differences in settings.

I did some research but still have a couple questions.

  • Angle limit 55 : default which stayed the same.
    Does this translate to horizon mode aswell ?
    So with trans at 75,
    can the quad only pitch/roll 55 degrees untill you reach 75% stick in horizon?)

  • Horizon transition 75 : is the same aswell.
    Does this mean the quad begins to roll/flip starting at 75% stick input?

  • horizon tilt effect 75 : new setting.
    This has no effect without enabling expert horizon mode if I’m not mistaken.
    I’ve read the description and another topic about this but I don’t fully understand what it does

  • Antigravity gain : new setting which is active but I don’t think it’s related

  • Notch/gyro Filtering has been changed to dynamic.

I def need to get more stick time to get used to the new radio
because it adds up to everything feeling different aswell.



So you are also using a new radio?
I think that’s the largest contributor to the new feel.
Plus the receiver being SBUS giving you lower Iatency, which results in a more direct response.

I don’t see a significant different in regards to flight performance on a brushed micro between all the 3.x BF versions, when used with the same settings and PID controller.
But since the different versions come with different default values, you might well get a different flying quad. The defaults are not made for a micro.

To get the rates and other performance related settings on the FC right, I suggest to fly pure angle mode first. Get that working until it feels good to you.
Then fly pure rate mode (if you can/want) and get that setup until it feels good.
then activate horizon mode and play with the transition value until it feels good.

You might consider going to 3.4 at this stage. Or maybe 3.5 RC if you want to fly on the edge.


Good day man, thanks for your reply.

Yeah I think you are probably right in thinking that it’s mostly because of the new radio and the Sbus connection.

Small over-corrections have a much more noticable effect for example,

and I think my pitch/roll spring tension is a bit too tight for self leveling modes aswell.

At the moment I can only fly my 150mm brushless with the new radio ,

so there’s a bigger risk involved, that’s why I was looking for some constructive feedback first. :+1:

The PIDS, rates and expo are exactly the same but I might need to add some more expo for now.

Thanks for suggesting some more stick time in angle mode first.

I downgraded back to the FW version I was used to, but haven’t had the time to test it out with the new Tx/rx setup yet.