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Cincinnati Chili, Goetta and Quads, OH MY!

Happened across this forum while searching for an answer to my question of air mode with a brushed racer and thought I would join.

I am rather new to the quad world, around four months, give or take. Started out with a Sharper Image stunt drone gifted to me by my wife, burned it out, picked up a CX30-W (ended up a buy one get one deal when the order was messed up) found out about hobby grade and over time bought a Taranis Q x7, FreeRider and Liftoff as well. I have been working with the sims to get better while working my way up to smaller and better things.

I also bought a used DJI F450 sans a flight controller and receiver as a DIY project, happened across a QX95S on a search and was hooked! It works with what I currently have on hand for the CX-30 and it stays small, so racing around my large backyard whenever I want is a plus.

So I just sold the F450 and will be putting the money into a flight-ready custom build and joined the forum since most of the others are geared towards brushless pilots.

Get a Whoop size quad and your backyard will grow from large to huuuuge. :smiley:
Welcome! :slight_smile:

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My flight area from a 90mm perspective.