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Quads on Broadway!


No way!!, just came from this show, Cirque Du Soleil; Paramour, on Broadway in NYC. First of all the whole thing was amazing, but they had a scene where they flew a fleet of 8-10 quadcopters lifting props and flying them around. I know this for a fact because my wife and I were in the front row. We could hear them and feel the prop wash. I’m not an expert in identifying makes and models, probably custom built anyway I did see an X frame built from some type of box tube marerial. they were about 250-300mm in size and flew colored paper lamp shade looking props around. My wife was clearly not as excited as I was.

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That’s pretty awesome! It’s been so long since I saw a Broadway show. I always wondered when we would start seeing synchronized Quading, lol :grinning:


Here’s the origin of it.
Dancing lampshades


It totally was. With everything going on when they first lifted off I thought cables then they criss-crossed and came around and I could see under them. I wonder now if it was one pilot flying multiple drones because I can’t imagine all those pilots. FPV yes, they wouldn’t have to be all right there they could be further away. Anyway it was cool. Thought I’d share.


My wife found these two articles mentioning that video sparked and cirque du Soleil and 8 autonomous drones.



So they’re pre programed, which makes sense. The timing in that video that @Chaotix posted looked to perfect. Awesome work though, I wonder if they use a mixture of sonar and laser sensors.

Edit: A word

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Some guys in Linz Austria http://www.spaxels.at developed a technique with motion capturing to control multiple quadcopter simultaneously. A bunch of cameras register objects in a defined space and some voodoo for choreography. If you are planning some event they charge 80000.-$ minimum.


That’s interesting, so a similar kind of thing to what they do for video games only they use the capture to control them. Pretty cool :+1: