Quadcopter lifting off at zero throttle


Flight controller: Kakute F7 AIO

ESC Protocol: Multishot - has been calibrated

Software: Betaflight

Airmode on

Min throttle 1050

Default PIDs


The second I arm my quadcopter, it takes off by itself without me giving any throttle.


Moving up the sliders in the motors tab starts spinning the motors around 1020

Checked the receiver tab and confirmed that zero throttle is giving 1000 on the throttle bar

Checked that min throttle is 1050

I’d appreciate any advice.


Sounds like vibration, that’s where I’d start. Props off on the ground, arm and see how the motors behave. If the increase dramatically on arming then check each one for out of balance indications using the motor slider.



I switched to dshot600

I lowered FC looprate to 8/8 and black box logging to 1kHz

With Air Mode off and Motor Stop on, the motors behave nicely and spin at around 5%

With Air Mode on and Motor Stop off and Idle Throttle at 3% the motors jump up to 30 to 50%!

I posted the BBLs on the discord forum channel. The last BBL is with air mode etc. and the earlier BBL is without air mode.

So I believe the issue is with Air Mode or Idle Percent. Any idea how to fix this?


Are you using a switch for airmode or the always on switch in config? That may have something to do with that. I had a similar problem, but I got frustrated with troubleshooting, so I left it on my bench for a month and then it worked fine. :sweat_smile:


No, but the FC stopped working so I have to buy a new one…


you had a brand new kakute f7 and it quit working before you could maiden flight? So far I love my Kakute. Sounds like a setup issue hardware wise?
I like having my air mode on a switch. Allows me to turn it off during takeoff and landing.