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Quad freakout on rapid throttle changed?


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to solve this. I’m running a omnibus f3 and a 5a 4in1 esc. Whenever I move the throttle from full throttle to the bottom end of the gimbal, it goes inverted, always to the left. It’s not the motors, I’ve switched all of them. Either it’s the esc or the software, but I don’t have a spare at the moment so I hope it’s the software. Running the latest BF, 3.5.something. Can’t see it with black box either. Always happens to the right and only goes inverted, like it’s reciving a roll command to go 180 to the left. I do not touch the roll or pitch anytime. Only throttle. I have anti gravity mode on and default pids and settings. Any help is appreciated.`


Will have video later today!


Will it roll to the left if you swap motors left/right? Can you see the esc input somehow maybe…?


Switching motors in any orientation doesn’t change anything. Unfortunately I dont have the ability to see the esc input, but I think it’s the esc that’s broken. When in betaflight and I move the motor tabs super fast all work except for the back left, nom matter what motor is attached to the input. It just stutters. I’m currently trying to revive a broken esc to test this theory. All solutions for ROD or FOD don’t work either. Changed timing, startup power, redid solder, nothing. My two assumptions are the esc (probable) or a faulty gyro.


Sounds like you are looking in the right direction… My knowledge doesnt exceed yours for shure. Good luck!


Calibrate esc via blheli, Try a different esc protocol ??