PSA: Version 2 of the BetaFPV Lite Silverware FC is complete garbage

I used to love this FC… :frowning:

They somehow messed up the FC/VTX/OSD communication in their latest firmware. And after trying to fix the OSD firmware for an entire day, the stupid integrated VTX burned out on me on the bench.

I’m kinda mad right now.

You had antenna connected? If not, VTX tends to burn… But if you did, and it still burned out, then :rage:

Yeah, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs with that board @Tokyo_Dom and a few others have managed to get a decent firmware sorted to fix the VTX problem but it looks like as per usual, BetaFPV have cocked it up. Version 1 was fine, Tokyo_Dom mentioned something about the code being rewritten. Another instance when BFPV ruin the Silverware experience :disappointed:

All that is reason why I’m still getting makerfire’s Armor 65 Lite Silverware boards. They also sometimes have problems with gyro after few really hard crashes, but they are OK for “normal use” :wink:

Yep, they seemed to have dumbed down the OSD to be more “beginner proof”
i.e. no more options for setting rates or pids or anything useful.
And this ties in with their new firmware, which completely reorganised silverware. I am not sure how much of the flight control code they changed (cbf comparing), and to be honest, the original silverware code was a little all over the place (typical with community coded stuff as opposed to commercially programmed by on-the-clock developers). But it worked. There was no need to reorganise it.

And with quicksilver being so clandestine/behind closed doors, i wonder if its ever going to be released. I mean, i could go to the Emu devs and ask to be a tester and be given test hexes quite easily but i dont quite know the secret hand shake/code word to get in with the cool guys at QS :stuck_out_tongue:

My little 615 build on their Lite FC V2 flies pretty good now though. Maybe i should buy one of the new FCs with updated OSD/Firmware so that i can prove it can be flashed back to a working version of SW.

I wouldn’t say QS is clandenstine! The main guys are just working out kinks, there’s a bit to do with some stuff but it’s flying great. It’ll be released when the main guys feel it is safe and as any beta, it’s the one of the most important things especially when you have a huge variety of quads that this could go on.

Back onto the board, I’ve seen a few reports on FB that even BFPV support don’t even know what board it is and where the code is. Disappointing really.

What is the meaning “messed up the FC/VTX/OSD communication” ?
I’m ready to buy one, but now I’m worried.

Oh, I found this site, maybe we can give feedback to betafpver.

It’s a mixture of bad design decisions and unfinished firmware.

The most obvious bug is that all frequencies are off by around 50mhz. So when you set the VTX to 5700 you will have the best reception at around 5750.

Then they removed a lot of functionality from the OSD. No more PID tuning etc. Combined with the fact that they essentially re-wrote Silverware, this means you can’t simply compile and flash new PIDs or settings. You can’t even flash old versions of “their” Silverware because then you need to flash the OSD and VTX chips as well. And they are only exposed as tiny debug headers that are a pain to solder to. So you’re stuck with whatever settings they decided to flash onto the chip. (I know there is a “configurator” they want you to use with their firmware, but that’s unfinished/broken pre-alpha software at this point)

To round it all off, they somehow decided to spread basic switch functions over 3 AUX channels. Want to switch from angle to acro mode? That’s not just a switch, you need to set the right combination of 3 switches. Like a puzzle in an old video game. I don’t know what they were smoking when they decided this was a good idea.

Oh, and sending any signal on AUX 2 makes the VTX freak out, so better don’t use that channel. What’s AUX 2 supposed to do? I have no idea. There a 3 different sets of documentation, all of which say something different, none of them are correct.
One version says hold the button on the FC to bind, another version says “don’t do that! it will erase the firmware from the chip”. I’m not even kidding, it’s that kind of bad.

Stay the hell away from this FC.
Buy any $9 Silverware board from Aliexpress instead, it can’t be worse than this. You’re welcome.

If that’s the case, it’s really bad.

Thank you for your advice.

I remember now they committed a change to the source so that you could change vtx channels from the transmitter. I guess that explains the aux2 behaviour. Super ridiculous though, why have it there?

Is it for quick switching?

I’m not sure but I thought that it was for absolute beginners so they wouldn’t have to learn how to use the goggles. Just press the button and change channels until you get the one that the goggle is tuned to?