PSA: 25% off anything at BetaFPV store

BetaFPV launched a wheel of fortune kind of thing on their website where you can randomly get between 5% and 25% discount code. Looks like codes are not unique so I’m sharing the 25% off code in case anyone wants to buy some of their stuff. Works on anything in their shop and for any amount. (But shipping is free over $100 btw and with this kind of discount it’s really worth it to rack up a big cart :smiley:)

They also just launched some Silverware 1s and 2s brushless FCs, haven’t had a chance to try them yet but NFE kinda gave them his seal of approval here.

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Technically I can’t comment on how these release versions of the board fly yet. Mine is still on the bench and under debug scrutiny. But I do think the software engineer currently managing their repo will work hard to address / fix any issues that come up. And these new boards have a revised hardware layout that addresses the shortcomings of earlier prototypes. But I do say, jump in if silverware is your thing. We gotta get them in the air and under the debugger and contribute to the development process. We have to participate