Props Out - Props In: I'm confused


I’m new in Whooping and besides other quads I own a BetaFPV75 (stock), BF 3.4.0 with Mockingbird Settings.
Now I did read something about “Props In” or “Props out”, without knowing the difference. Can anyone explain? Advantages of the one vs. the other?
What to change on harware and what on BF?

Also read “plugs up” or “plugs down”, I do understand, what this means, but also: what to do (can be just a software issue besides mounting the board in either way.

Sorry for my English, I’m a native German speaker :sleepy:


Props in is the default for Betaflight, where the props in front spin in towards the front center of the quadcopter. Props out is the reverse, where the front propellers spin put away from the front center.

Oscar Liang has a good summary of some of the points:

Basically, there are some possible aerodynamic benefits to running props out, especially for forward flying, along with benefits of not throwing debris into your camera (though into your flight controller stack instead) and of your props pushing you out of grass and branches in a forward crash rather than digging you in further.