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Prop Suggestions for 8.5x20MM Coreless Motors


After finding that I could make the QX-105 Bat work with 8.5mm motors I did a search for coreless versions with 1.0mm connectors to work with the AIO Omnibus FC.

My next question is what would be a good prop to use? At the moment I am running the flight controller, standard brushed motors and props from my CX-30.


MMW 0820 are the best you’ll find, available in a variety of power flavours.


Only issue is that the FC has 1.0mm connectors. It was the issue I had when I bought the Eachine AIO F3 brushed board with the idea of putting it in the CX-30 frame. The motor plugs didn’t fit.

I’m looking more for prop suggestions.


Afunta 55mm props all day (i use green and black set off amazon) i wont waste my time with any other 55mm prop. It has a hubgaurd too which is great for protecting the motor shaft.

Gemfan 65mm props are good, but sometimes can be a little loose and pop off depending on the color, and a little weak in terms of durability losing their balance after a few good crashes. (White usually is always tighter than the other colors, i recommend only buying the white ones.)

I believe king kong has made some gemfan style 65mm props, but i have not tried them. According to other pilots tho they are very good and durable


I’m now only using these props on all my 8 and 8.5mm builds. These props also have a tendency to be a little loose and require drilling the hole all the way through, so it can go all the way down the shaft. Sometimes a drop of CA holds them in place. zThey are mostly balanced, only requiring a little work to get them perfect.