Project P.I.T.O



Not long ago I decided to venture from the boundaries of my home to a local sports park to work on advanced maneuvers with my quadcopter in the large open areas of the ball diamonds. As I arrived, I was immediately shocked at the amount of trash that was present as I rolled up to my chosen area, remnants left behind by children and parents with little concern for a park they have free use of.

What I didn’t immediately notice until I had to wander the backfield in search of my downed craft was the amount of shredded plastic bottles and other items that were carelessly mowed over by the local lawn service I had done a few odd jobs for in the past. It was quite annoying to think that I had found my 90mm (and beeperless) quadcopter only to find that it was a shred of plastic that resembled the color of the foil cover of the quad’s battery.

After much thought on the condition of the park, I thought of how many of those in this hobby frequent similar places to fly and wondered how many take the time to clean up the area as a way to give back to those areas. I also thought of another hobby of mine that shares both many of the same locations and deals with the same issues and the program they started to combat the issue called CITO or Cache In, Trash Out.

From that thought process Project P.I.T.O. (Props In, Trash Out) came into being and is in its infancy with the hope that others will take up the project in their areas and spread the mission of Project P.I.T.O.

If you are interested in learning more check out the website - or send a pm here or an email to


From second collection

Tuesday collection. Raided a few of the overloaded trash cans for recyclables. It’a amazing how much room was freed up.

My own collection of recyclables.


Great job man! That’s a lot of trash! I do my part as well when I’m flying the park, but it’s usually just one or two cans, our park is pretty clean. I also pick up my dogs poop when I walk him, mainly because I don’t want to land in a turd. :joy: