Project Mockingbird: Getting your BF Whoop FC to Fly better than the Inductrix Angle Mode

@xazz & @monkeymagic after poking into it a bit, it seems the spi rx that your flight controllers use was not supported until Betaflight 3.3 and I have not yet modded that version of betaflight. I’m still on 3.24. Sorry fellas, I’m sure I will get around to updating eventually but for now you’re out of luck.

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Sweet, thanks for taking the time to look anyway. Might have to finally find an st link thingee and a multiprotocol for the taranis and figure out how to flash my e011 with your sliverware instead :sunglasses:

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You can just put a rsxr or other sbus rx on that e011.


Hi all!

Is any of these targets suitable for flashing on a FF_PIKOBLX?
I have a bigger brushless whoop (et125) that will love this race mode.
Thank you!

Forgive my newbness…

In the mixer settings, what exactly happens with the additions?

Tried updating settings with the CLI list shown on the end of the page and I could not arm to save my life until I reset. Any idea what would have caused that?

Is there a racemode firmware compatible with the BetaFPV F3 OSD w Flysky rx? The firmware it comes preloaded with is the CRAZYBEEF3FS firmware. I had flashed the ‘betaflightf3’ firmware to it, initially, and lost the ability to bind (blue and red LED’s no longer turn on when quad is powered), think I may have borked that board. Have another one coming friday, and I’d love to get racemode on it. Already have it on one micro using a spracingf3… but would love to know how to get it on my f3 w/ osd, as well.

Apologies for the noobishness 8)

Hi what version of project mockingbird would you recommend putting on my Ldarc Gt7 brushless whoop it has a sp racing F3 fc and
0803-9000kv motors and use 500amh 100c 2s batteries.

yikes…um, I don’t have anything that really matches that kind of quad. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, My Tinyhawk works perfectly with your tune thanks, I was thinking would the same tune be ok to try on Ldarc Gt7

Hey Patrick, looking to build a 2s 65mm brushless. Do you have any parts suggestions? Crazybee f3 or f4, 16,000 or 19,000kv. Would you be willing to share your mockups six5 settings?