Project Mockingbird: Getting your BF Whoop FC to Fly better than the Inductrix Angle Mode


Cheat mode? :wink:


FastEnuf mode? :smiley:


Aggro Angle
Acro Plus
Angcro :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I want one of those E011 FC’s back from you! LOL…I WANNNA TRY IT NAOWWWWW! :smiley:


Yeah I got the sweet end of that deal it seems! Of all the times to have left the SD card out of the goggles… ugh - wish I had that very first flight. First time my wife ever told me “you need to slow down” when I was flying a whoop. Lol. The speed felt controllable with level on roll. Silverware yaw rotates around the gravity vector in angle mode which also helps… but what’s great was there was no more feeling of constantly pushing to keep speed up. Just pure flow - exactly as I had hoped!

@PJC it fits in with mockingbird as its a flight mode copied from open pilot. But I say we either call it tripleX mode (in honor of silver for adding it) or race mode. It truely is feel that is going to be unstoppable racing.


DVR DVR DVR DVR! :smiley:


@PJC, @Benedikt
Here ya go guys!!! DVR
I call it RACEMODE
It can be switched on and off when you’re in level mode too so you get all three flight modes… acro, level, and race!


Okay, see this is where I was trying to go with horizon expert mode… But this is much simpler. I need to get this setup ASAP. E011 FC?



Yes… you inspired this! And it is pretty simple - but limiting in a way too. No full rolls. Acro flips are just as expected … but that’s not really the point. The point is to go very fast … very accurately. The next challenge that needs to be addressed in the code is rates. Roll and pitch rates and expo are linked. So you have to find numbers that feel good in acro and level at the same time. Fortunately I think it feels great. The roll response can be somewhat tweaked by setting the max angle and that changes the shape of the curve and responsiveness. But this is only day 1- we can develop from here.

Well just promise not to abandon mockingbird … and continue to use your influence to get this in betaflight too. I’ll order an fc, flash it, and send it to you. I don’t have any spares at the moment.



@PJC Do you think it doable on my old DX7 Gen 1 ? im not too familiar with mixing .


Nevermind @PJC ! Mockingbird is Day and Night for Angle mod , i usually fly acro but jeez this setup mix is crazy so precise , never been so fast without wondering if im gonna hit something ! wow !


@PJC… I’m working on racemode for betaflight and if you’re interested I’d love for you to help me test it out since I don’t own a betaflight whoop. What fc (target) are you using so I can compile the right code for you? Also, I’m gonna have to replace the behaviour of either angle or horizon … do which mode would you rather have converted into racemode? Maybe if we can get some action on this it will pick up enough steam to make it into betaflight!! Personally I’ll take replacing angle mode … that way I can stick bash roll with low racing type rates… but I’ll build it however you want it!


Pretty sure I’ve got the racemode code edit done for betaflight now. I tried flashing one of my femto based micro builds last night but couldn’t sort out the resource remapping to get dshot on pin a15 for some reason. Something has changed between the last version of betaflight to be released and version 3.3. So I’ll flash a different target today and test it out. It’s gonna have to be a 3" though so DVR of my first tests of RACEMODE will be an outdoor flight even though I’d much rather present this feature on a whoop. Unfortunately I still don’t own a betaflight whoop yet. My betaflight test build replaces both angle and horizon modes with RACEMODE variants so there is no special set up necessary - just activate angle or horizon as normal. Any other takers that want to try? @Benedikt you mentioned some interest… do you want me to compile your target?


ACK!!! Sorry, been away with Mockingbird stuff and getting ready for the Tiny Whoop Invitational 2018 (yes, I was invited!)

I run the Omnibus (BeeCore v2) and the Betatflight (BetaFPV) boards.


Congratulations! ! Thats pretty cool!

I guess I’ll update you on my betaflight racemode progress. I’ve got a horizon version of racemode done. In other words … pitch is pure acro, roll is leveling up to a point where its approaching a uset set angle where leveling fades out and it goes acro on roll. The acro portion of roll is active any time pitch or roll passes that user set angle. Personally im liking about 90 degrees. That angle is adjustable on cli and so is the leveling strength.

Some creative license I took in development: I eliminated the transition portion of horizon. Basically that’s the thing that says reduce leveling as a function of your stick’s max input deflection. It’s been replaced by a function that reduces leveling as a function of the actual angle your quad is at. I think that’s much more consistent for racing. If you’re at 45 degrees for example … you’ll always have the same leveling strength - it will no longer be dependent on the extent of stick bashing you’ve just done. That strength fades to 0 at an angle you set… and just acro is left.

I’m working on an angle version tonight where you can set an angle limit for roll stick input like level mode. The trick is coding it to go into acro on roll if you pitch to inverted.


Interesting flight mode, it’s a pity that the e010 hasn’t been hacked yet


Id love to try that!
Can you cook me a 3.2.4 BetaFlightF3 binary?


Sure, I’ve been meddling in 3.2.2 for @Velcrofpv and in unreleased 3.3… but it shouldn’t take too long to pop open the hood on 3.2.4. I’ll get started on it!


If thats extra effort, dont worry about it. 3.2.2 will do :wink:
From what I can tell, they work both the same.


@Benedikt it’s no big deal really. I’ve started compiling a few targets for 3.2.4 anyway. Follow the link below to get to my RACEMODE on Betaflight github page and PLEASE read the readme!!! Link to download your target is at the end of the bit that I’m encouraging you to read.

This release has two RACEMODE flight modes. One that limits angle on roll, and one that has horizon type behavior on roll. I am particularly happy with the code rewrite for the horizon type flight feel as I always thought the origional horizon mode just felt like it didn’t match (felt terrible) and this was the perfect opportunity to fix it so that it just feels awesome now! Anyway…have fun and let us know what you think!


Alright, I flashed your 3.2.4 BF3 Racemode binary onto a BetaFPV F3 board, dumped my usual settings in, enabled horizon mode and went for a fly.
Wow, its like a different vehicle!

After a few packs, it feels like this to me:
Race mode requires more skill/attention than angle mode, but significantly improves fast and smooth flying ability.
Race mode requires less skill/attention than rate mode, but it delivers a lot of the benefit of rate mode.

So as a medium-skilled pilot who has passed the noobhood and clocked a few hours on the sticks, but does not invest time and money into training a few hours each week, I think you are getting great bang for our skills.

Another observation:
Switching between modes is easier. I usually have angle/air/rate on a 3-way switch.
POS1 is angle mode, no airmode. POS2 is angle and air mode, POS3 is rate and air mode.
Usually, the transition from angle to rate is harsh, even though I practive both modes alternating a lot. It takes a lot of conscious effort to force the brain into the other mode.
Now I have race mode enabled on POS2, so I can switch between angle/race/rate.
Going from angle to rate feels a lot easier in the head when race is in between.

Flying this thing around reminded me of a dihedral plane (angled wings, so it uprights itself).
You put it in a dive, it keeps diving. But on the roll, if you let go from the stick it returns to center.

Only had a few packs through it so far, but I think this will be my default flying mode from now.
I will probably still keep angle mode on a switch for indoors, and rate mode for some fancy moves, but if you want to go places fast and reliable, this is the ticket!

Yeah buddy!
Makes my day :sun_with_face:
Thank you Travis!