Project Mockingbird: Getting your BF Whoop FC to Fly better than the Inductrix Angle Mode

Sure, I’ve been meddling in 3.2.2 for @Velcrofpv and in unreleased 3.3… but it shouldn’t take too long to pop open the hood on 3.2.4. I’ll get started on it!

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If thats extra effort, dont worry about it. 3.2.2 will do :wink:
From what I can tell, they work both the same.

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@Benedikt it’s no big deal really. I’ve started compiling a few targets for 3.2.4 anyway. Follow the link below to get to my RACEMODE on Betaflight github page and PLEASE read the readme!!! Link to download your target is at the end of the bit that I’m encouraging you to read.

This release has two RACEMODE flight modes. One that limits angle on roll, and one that has horizon type behavior on roll. I am particularly happy with the code rewrite for the horizon type flight feel as I always thought the origional horizon mode just felt like it didn’t match (felt terrible) and this was the perfect opportunity to fix it so that it just feels awesome now! Anyway…have fun and let us know what you think!


Alright, I flashed your 3.2.4 BF3 Racemode binary onto a BetaFPV F3 board, dumped my usual settings in, enabled horizon mode and went for a fly.
Wow, its like a different vehicle!

After a few packs, it feels like this to me:
Race mode requires more skill/attention than angle mode, but significantly improves fast and smooth flying ability.
Race mode requires less skill/attention than rate mode, but it delivers a lot of the benefit of rate mode.

So as a medium-skilled pilot who has passed the noobhood and clocked a few hours on the sticks, but does not invest time and money into training a few hours each week, I think you are getting great bang for our skills.

Another observation:
Switching between modes is easier. I usually have angle/air/rate on a 3-way switch.
POS1 is angle mode, no airmode. POS2 is angle and air mode, POS3 is rate and air mode.
Usually, the transition from angle to rate is harsh, even though I practive both modes alternating a lot. It takes a lot of conscious effort to force the brain into the other mode.
Now I have race mode enabled on POS2, so I can switch between angle/race/rate.
Going from angle to rate feels a lot easier in the head when race is in between.

Flying this thing around reminded me of a dihedral plane (angled wings, so it uprights itself).
You put it in a dive, it keeps diving. But on the roll, if you let go from the stick it returns to center.

Only had a few packs through it so far, but I think this will be my default flying mode from now.
I will probably still keep angle mode on a switch for indoors, and rate mode for some fancy moves, but if you want to go places fast and reliable, this is the ticket!

Yeah buddy!
Makes my day :sun_with_face:
Thank you Travis!


Oh, man…I want to try this so bad! But, I gotta wait!

Thanks for the description @Benedikt, it sounds amazing!


Beautiful description @Benedikt. There is another “hidden” flavor of RACEMODE you can try cooked into that flash.

If you type set racemode_horizon=on into the CLI, it will replace the roll angle limit with horizon type behavior and let you flip on roll axis. I put alot of work into rewriting the behaviour algorithm for this mode as I always felt the “feel” of stock horizon never matched all. Keep us posted if you try that out also.

Posted a link to your project on my site and on reddit, so we get some more bums on pilot seats :wink:


Wow chief scientist approved - that’s so cool!!! (Although you did spell my screen name wrong. Lol - but that’s no big deal. Hehe) I’m so excited to have contributed something you feel is noteworthy!!!

Also just to clarify @Benedikt - credit for project mockingbird goes to @PJC and I believe he credits Scott Allen for its most early origins. He will be reviewing racemode as a submission to be included in mockingbird after he returns from the tiny whoop invitational so I am nothing more than a contributor to mockingbird. Wether racemode os included or not, he and I will be working together on the ProjectMockingbird github site as well to preconfigure betatlight targets with all his favorite settings and best tunes so that you can simply flash mockingbird instead of having to set it up yourself. Instant mockingbird in a can coming soon!!!


Sorry, I fixed the intro! Should pay more attention :wink:
Not sure how to re-fetch the preview-data on this forum, but on the site it now reads like this, please check:

Travis “NotFastEnuf”, the maker of the BOSS frames and contributor to Project Mockingbird, brings us another exciting piece of flight experience: race mode!

P.S. I really should pay more attention to credit the right people… Sorry @PJC, enjoy the party!
But as long as you and @pedro147 and the rest of the gang keeps me straight, Im stepping on toes with confidence :stuck_out_tongue:


btw… I never really enjoyed the way the Inductrix FPV flies, so I was not very interested in Mockingbird.
But I guess now I owe you guys to check it out :wink:

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Hehe!!! Well I’ve never actually flown an indixtrix myself so I’ll just be handling the code … stay tuned here to find out when mockingbird github will be ready. While we’re on the subject … we could certainly help you do the same sort of thing with a MicroMotorWarehouse fork of betaflight on github. Have preconfigured binaries to flash for the flight controllers that you offer in your store all tuned up right out of the box with your favorite pids and settings. Let me know if that interests you or if you’d like assistance putting that together. Personally I whoop silverware and I have my own personal silverware fork on my github as well all preconfigured and ready to rip. I mention that as a hint that you may want to explore the opportunity to stock BETA FPV’s “lite” flight controller running silverware. It’s an animal with racemode too. (After flashing of course).

Thanks again for participating!!! So cool to see you active and having fun with us man!!!


Once a little more testing is done - I think it would be good to break-out racemode into a separate flight mode and go for a PR for BF, I think I can help you with that if required.

But the name “racemode” could be a little misleading as an official mode which is practically more dedicated for micro quads.

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Maybe we should rather call the modes per axis, instead of being creative :wink:
I have put a bunch more packs through this mode, and even though I still enjoy flying it a lot,
I noticed that crash recovery is almost as hard as on acro.

I assume as for most of you, crashing is just part of my flying style. I crash around 5-10 times per pack, but on average only every 10th crash end in a hike, because angle mode saves me.
In rate mode, when I get knocked off track from an evil branch, Im hitting the next thing or the ground before I can even react, and when I finally react, I often do the wrong thing and by then its game over.

So… has anyone of you guys played with the crash detection of BF?


That is the next thing to look into really … I need to look at that code and see how it will “play” with racemode. I can see where it would benefit us for it to pop back into angle for crash recovery. I will examine and report. I honestly didn’t even look into compatibility with that when I created this… but that would make a nice final piece to the puzzle if we can get that to work. Maybe we get lucky and it already does! Stay tuned :smile:


I just looked at the code, I don’t see any reason why crash recovery would be incompatible with racemode. I’ll give it a shot and let you guys know how it goes!


NotFastEnuf I installed the Racemode hex on a BetaFPV OSD Frysky RX not Evo. I think same FC that Benedikt did. I left everything default. Set arm switch on aux1 and enabled angle and horizon on aux 2. Taranis sticks worked fine in Betaflight. Only change I made was motor direction as my front motors spin away from frame and the rear spin inward. As soon as Taranis binds…quad spins up to full speed. Without arming and stick inputs have no effect on any channel. Anyone have any ideas? And thank you in advance.

What target did you flash @kasmir?


not sure spinned to full speed…I grabbed it but as I tilted it…it didn’t vary speed in any motors like trying to correct flight

That certainly is strange. Is there any way you could pop your motors in normally and re flash it again? I’m not sure how you can reverse only two of your motors. Also, keep an eye out for standard settings like changing it to brushed pwm and such. The only thing I messed with in code was horizon mode. All of the rest of the code is untouched. Also, you don’t need to put angle and horizon on a switch together at the same time. Just horizon. But that’s not the issue. I’m guessing you are not on a brushed motor setting. It has to be either something like that or the wrong target. I would think disarmed should be motors off no matter what with the right motor protocol.