Potentially bricked eachine e010s

Hi All. I’m new to it so bear with me. Just bought Eachine e010s -
version LEMONF3-FSV1 (LEMO) 3.3.0 Dec 26 2017 / 02:02:20 (7269e97) MSP API: 1.37.

There were some issues with binding it to my flysky fs-i6 radio.

After unsuccessful binding I’ve connected it to betaflight, all seems ok from my noob’s perspective.

I’ve decided then connect a battery to it while it was still connected to my PC, wanted to see if it was maybe bind but arming was to be configured .

So far I got this from betaflight


System Uptime: 282 seconds
Voltage: 3 * 0.1V (0S battery - NOT PRESENT)
CPU Clock=72MHz, GYRO=MPU6050, ACC=MPU6050.n
Stack size: 2048, Stack address: 0x10002000
I2C Errors: 1, config size: 1887, max available config: 4096
CPU:25%, cycle time: 302, GYRO rate: 3311, RX rate: 49, System rate: 9
Arming disable flags: 0x8844

That what I believe messed it up. Previously blue LED became red and regardless what I do with the binding button it remains solid red. FC can still be connected to betaflight

I can’t find anything on the red LED on the net. Is there a way of troubleshooting it from betaflight somehow?