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Post Flight inspection surprise!


This is the JST power cable from my first alien build last year. After a shit ton of crashes on the -18 Alien Spider, the frame is still going strong. I am super impressed w the abuse she has taken by the way! I must have been flying w a loose connection as it burned the neg pin completely. I was having power issues and swapped the cable and kept flying. I thought I had frayed one of the wires from the abuse. That night I discovered this:
Moral of the story; inspect everything



Yep sure pays dividends to inspect things,power comnections at the solder points on the fc are worth paying attention to also.after a lot of waggling they tend to become flexable and fray and can actualy snap as i found out on a 210 i flew.



Motor wire snapping off in flight sent my flying buddies quad on a tight death spiral last weekend.

Glad you caught that connector before it torched something!

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