Please help me wiring BetaFPV H02 and Eachine EF-02 cams

Hi all,
I have 2 cams (maybe working) out of broken VTXs and I don’t know how to wire them to a common VM275T separate VTX.

This is the EF-02:

This is the BetaFPV H02:

Does someone knows how to wire and connect them correctly to a common VTX?
I tried to connect the EF-02 but failed… the cam didn’t work.

Many thanks


I’d check with a multimeter on the vtx to find positive and negative pins. If not, then try to find a pinout of the cam and/or vtx.

Thank you for the quick reply Midnight, actually I tried to do some testing with a multimeter for the EF-02, and I wired it up like you see in the photo but sadly it wont work.
For the BetaFPV H02 I have 6 pins and no clue how to wire it up as there is no writing on the board at all.
It’s a shame having these cams and not using them.
Need one working for my bigger OSD whoop (8520 motors) asap.

I sorry to say, I don’t have any experience personally with either of those cams so I’m at a loss. Sorry! I think some others have used the betafpv one before, so I’d keep waiting.

I’m having problems with this as well. And I’m currently going through trial and error on which wire to go where.

Although I was able to make this work. I wired all 6 pins (which is a chore) and I got it split. <- Albert Kim mentioned about a power regulator in the cam and not in the vtx that required extra wiring, I’m really sure which is which.

I know it’s been a few months since the last post. But I’ll try to post the results (but if i’m lazy, I’ll just use it with 6 wires.)

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I dont know about the wiring… although im pretty sure each of the 3 pins are either gnd, +, and v. I really need to get a multimeter and check. A big issue for me is the capacitator in the middle on the bottom front side of the cam keeps getting ripped off, and my bad eyesight can’t find it… Is their any way to find out what the appropriate value capacitor would be?

So for the h02 I’m pretty sure (do at your own risk!) that for the 3 pins on the right bottom, the top pin is +, middle is v, and last is -. Figured this out with a led, connected the + to the top pin and the - to the bottom pin, and the led lit up.