PID and Filter tuning

I’m in trouble tuning both PID’s and Filter frequencies for my brushless 70mm: My last little brushless

I saw thousand video tutorial but I cannot get the right settings. Simply I cannot see oscillations on these little quads and Filter tuning require the blackbox feature that is not here.

How do you tune your quad?

Tune by feel. Defaults are usually flaccid… especially on quads with low power/weight like these nano-brushless. So just assume you’ll need to go up on everything.

Also, I found that at least with the 6000 gyro, I could do with a minimal amount of filtering. So I gutted the stock filters (per recommendation on BF wiki) and cranked up the PIDs.

With P I used to tune by going up until I could hear P-term oscillations, then back it off about 25% and that was usually a good starting point. Then crank up D until it feels weird or sounds weird/motors get hot. D will help with propwash, although I have not been able to eliminate it. I will be way low too… I crank it up until feels right / or gets weird then back off. More I will make a big difference in how your quad carves in a turn. I hate BF on low I.

Here are my settings with a PikoBlx, 2" props, 1102 10000kV. Should be pretty close on other small quads:

set motor_pwm_protocol = MULTISHOT
set motor_pwm_rate = 16000
set small_angle = 180
set serialrx_provider = SPEK2048
set gyro_lowpass = 110
set gyro_notch1_hz = 0
set gyro_notch2_hz = 0
set acc_hardware = NONE
set pid_process_denom = 1
profile 0

set d_lowpass_type = PT1
set d_notch_hz = 0
set setpoint_relax_ratio = 0
set yaw_accel_limit =  0.000
set p_pitch = 80
set i_pitch = 100
set d_pitch = 45
set p_roll = 70
set i_roll = 90
set d_roll = 40
set p_yaw = 90
set i_yaw = 110
rateprofile 0
rateprofile 0

set rc_rate = 115
set rc_rate_yaw = 150
set rc_expo = 20
set rc_yaw_expo = 10

With stock pids my quad oscillates and drifts in angle mode.

Gotta tune in acro. Then if the stabilization isn’t good, you can tweak the level pids, which are separate from the regular pids.

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Also assume stock pids are :poop: They are going to be mild even on a 5" race quad.

Try the ones I listed above. They should be better than default.

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Found this video, seems interesting:

But requires blackbox :frowning: