Picnic Quads frame give away

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, Benedikt please straighten me out if needed.

So, I have a box of random frames here I want to get rid of in creative ways. Some prototypes, some discontinued and some I just grabbed for the heck of it. I hope to make this thread one of the places to part with some of these frames.

Going to start with one of the prototype Hex Shark frames I just made.
A completed build is shown here:

For this one I am looking for some feedback, so I’m hoping for folks who have a hex board on hand and are ready to build on this one.

If you interested, just reply with “Hex Shark” at the start of the post (Only 1 reply Please)
All responses with in 48 hours of this post will be counted and I’ll pick one at random.

Selected user gets the frame and a fin set sent to them free.
Please no “new users” to keep it to those already participating around here.



Would love to throw my name in the hat but sadly don’t have a hex board on hand. And just spent way too much money getting my supplies for my second FPV Quad. But I love my Reggae Shark and would totally jump for one of these when the time for a Hex comes.

Hex Shark

Ive got a hex ready to go and would love to test!!!

This is an awesome post, Dave. Thanks for doing this!

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Hex Shark!

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Hex Shark
Alien F3 Octo/Hex FC awaiting this frame.

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yes please

yes plz

me plz

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one for EU people watching art Le Reggae Shark! Thanks :smile:

Hex Shark

Would love to add this to a BBB Hex.

Hex Sahrk (this is no accident)

I have a spare mutliFlite NANO-B-FC and some payload! Maybe a hex can lift ~16g of additional payload? :wink:
But I don’t want to “win” it - I have enough projects running already and there are plenty of guys here who would be really happy about it, thus the typo. Nice idea @woodsturning! I might have to give away a couple of things too.

Hex Shark

Challenge accepted !


Hex Sharkerino pepperino pls!

yes please :wink:

Yes Please this could be fun indeed.

Hex Shark

I wanna try X800 MJX…

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IKKI frame whats? :wink:

Thingiverse.com it’s very lightweight but 8.5mm motors is much stronger for vibration and crash… But idea is nice.

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yep frame woodsturning I think very good for this :smiley:

Sì! I have 3 X800 fc… I have Benedikt motors… Now I need a good frame!

Allright folks, sorry for the delay here. Looks like @Mullet will be the winner on this one.
Pm me your shipping details and it’ll head out ASAP.

Don’t worry there is more thought. 2 this round same rules.
I was nice and included all in the first round, however to make it as easy for me to pick out entries among comments entries must include the “Keyword” noted in quotes as a single line at the beginning of the post.
Please pick one of the two frames below, one user cannot enter for both frames.

Keyword “TILTABLE”
Prototype I made a while back and allows the rear motors to be tilted like a V-tail. There was little interest when I initially presented it but figured someone may have fun messing with it. Includes 8.5mm motor mounts.

This is a prototype of the skinny hex in a folding configuration with 8.5mm integrated mounts. Initially planned for 72mm props then I realized parrots are only 66mm so it’s a touch larger then necessary but still work s fine. Skinny hex is basically a spider hex elongated with the middle motors pulled inward to match the width of the front motors.