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Personal Introductions


So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share an introduction of yourself that is personal. Maybe you’ll (gasp!) choose to share your Real Name, tell us about your family, where you live, what you like (besides quads, duh!), etc…

Of course, you can choose NOT to participate, but if you do, please be authentic and honest, as opposed to making up something.


My name really is Burt Lo. I have a family in Cardiff, CA, a beach town north of San Diego, California. I’m a dad to a 29 y/o step-daughter, a 17 y/o daughter, and a boy who’s almost three (late Sept). I turned 50 in 2016, and bought into the IGG Atom V2 campaign, which started all this quad stuff for me.

I’ve been a lifelong techie, mostly writing business software. I host websites on the side, and have been trained as a Recovery Coach for people in recovery from addiction and mental illness/mood disorders.

I got divorced in 2006 (final), and am in an awesome partnership that works now; she and I are active in the Contact Improv dance community here in San Diego, and we are happily building up as healthy and wholesome a local tribe to raise our family in.

I’m really interested in personal and spiritual development, and love having conversations about that with whomever is willing. Part of that journey, for me, was getting sober in 2004, and I’m still active in my recovery.

I’m at http://facebook.com/burtlo, and am often in front of my machine as I get us out from under student loans (and a little bit more).

p.s. I want to disclose that I’m trying to create a storefront of some sort, something of value that could produce a revenue stream for my family. I started at atomlife.info, journaling my foray into owning a the Atom V2, then started on buildingmyfirstquad.com as a place to provide education. I’m settling on quadrush.com, still with education primarily in mind, but with a shop of goods for building and exploring quads. I recently asked for some help designing a frame “platform”, and @herecomeswhitey came up with a quick realization of my idea. I intend to provide content similar to the Build Journals I’ve done here for my kits and mods, as well as documenting my creation of AlienFlightNG flight controllers (and others). I wanted to offer full disclosure to you all, as I don’t want to leech off of the community, but I do intend to offer something of value that will include some commerce.


Thank you Burt. This is a good thread.

My name is Corey. Im about to be 33 soon. I’m married with two small children. We reside in the Metro Detroit Area. I have worked IT for the last 15 years. I love it. I have maintained small mom and pop shops and very large global infrastructures. I specialize in virtual architecture. I love what I do and its forever changing.

I have a love for woodworking and doing things with my hands in my free time. I have a small shop in my garage that I use for both my build bench and woodworking shop. My wife bought me a Eachine H8c and I was hooked. I started flying any chance I could. I haven’t stopped since. When I found the tiny whoop I about lost my mind. It was my first venture into FPV and I knew there was no going back.

Quadcopter also helped me accomplish a longs standing goal. I have always found myself in forums and wanting to learn and help others. About 5 years ago I began thinking about starting a Youtube channel. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had different ideas over the years. But once I fell into the RC hobby I knew where my digital home resided. I found myself completely engulfed in all the awesome things that you can do. It was endless tinkering. That is always something I have loved since I was a child. Being able to take something and make it so much better is very rewarding.

The community here is great! Everyone has been insightful and helpful.
Im honored to be apart of it.

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Like this thread!

My name is Aaron, and i live in an appartment in Madrid, Spain (planning to move to a big house in the country near the city, where i’ll have much more indoor and outdoor available space). I’m 39 and i have a 2 month old daughter, which is the most precious thing in life. I used to be a graphic designer, but 2 years ago i was fed up of being 12 hours/day or more in front of my computer, so i decided to quit and some months later started to work as a photographer, and so far it is one of my best decisions in life.

As a photographer, i started to put my attention into the photo-videographic drone world. The ability to put a camera anywhere is awesome. Also one of my child traumas was to not have an RC car, and i just love flying. So this was perfect. But, since drone laws in Spain are very restrictive, and there’s quite a big amount of money between license and a decent quadcopter, i didn’t follow that path (yet).

Last Xmas my wife bought me a Syma X5C (similar to CRayTech experience). As soon as i checked the quality of that shitty camera, i started to explore other options, and then discovered FPV.

I was doomed…