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People and places or where to fly and who with


Like the title says. Where are you from? Where do you fly other than at home.

Maybe we need a flying buddies thread( I get so lonely in the sky, well for a bit before I crash lol)

I’m from the Gold Coast hinterland, Mt Tamborine. Less than 1000km(Like a close neighbor in Aussie distances lol) from you Benedikt, so be careful I don’t arrive for a visit to watch you fly like you stole it haha.
I used to fly gliders off Beachmont and Springbrook, but damn that kind of wind messes with a micro lol, great views but haha. Now I mainly fly at home, but I am on a farm(kind of, we don’t make any milk now lol) so I have space to crash and burn in.


I’m in Connecticut in the USA. For those that don’t know it’s in the New England region on the East coast.

I fly in three places. For the winter, I fly at work. We have 30 - 40’ ceilings and an open space we call Central Park. It has a few small putting greens, couches, and the like. It’s enough space to fly a micro.

I also fly at home. Although there is not much space to fly. I do annoy the wifey while in the family room.

During Spring, Summer, and the Fall I fly at a local park called Allen’s Meadows Field. It’s in the town of Wilton. It’s an AMA sanctioned field and is a nice play to fly. I also hit up some local fields in Weston, CT. I prefer Allen’s Meadow because of its size and lack of trees.

I’m looking for other flyers in the area that are specifically into FPV, micros, and any other type of multi-rotor.


I am from Iowa (North East Iowa) in the USA and fly mainly indoors at work right now. Anyone want to fly that is near, give me a shout.


I live in sunny south florida, I’m sure there has to be some other pilots down here. I fly in the usual placed my home (but its small) I also race around the office with some co-workers (we have some “gates” comprised of our two high tables in a row and some packing cylinders to signal the corners of the corse) Flying outside can be kinda of tricky since I live near the shore so there is usually lots of wind… I have found the best places to fly is the handball and tennis courts since they are usually either completely covered or have the windscreen that keeps out the wind.

Anyone else have any good ideas of where to fly outside on windy days?


Florida… Southwest. On the coast… Wind sucks!

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Not that I am apposed to this thread ( I do like it, this keeps things personal) @Benedikt has up a map with cool places to fly too… I have my sacred handball court there too :slight_smile:


Pittsburgh, PA, USA

There is a bankrupt golf course, complete with groovy cart paths, in walking distance of my house that is begging to be FPV raced on.



It’s a concrete jungle here so Micros are the perfect size to maximize flying opportunities.


@JG101 down south from you, @Benedikt @secret_squirrel1 and @mikeg but North of @Fletch in Canberra but don’t hold that against me please :smiley:

I fly at a local sports oval seeing as I am very slowly learning FPV. Lately thought it’s just LOS flights outside the front of my house

FPV practise at oval

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Los Angeles, CA. Always happy to fly with others.

I usually fly my 1s micros at my local park and in the parking garage where I live. There’s also a multi-GP group here, so I fly with them sometimes too.
We used to have a rc field close by, but they just banned FPV two months ago (Apollo field in van nuys). I’m trying to convince the local go-kart track to start some indoor FPV races, but it’s slow going.


Chicago, IL. Only microhead I know of out here. Gets lonely…

I work corporate AV at a conference hotel so I have access to huge ballrooms at random times. Which is fun, but risky. I’ll hit an occasional field, but there’s usually a ton of people to avoid.

Mostly, I fly FPV out behind my apartment in the parking lot and alley annoying my neighbors. “Look, a drone, sweety!”


Seattle area here and just getting into FPV, down to meet up with any of you guys for flight tips!


Thought I’d go ahead and drop my location in here since I don’t see anyone too close to me, maybe this will get them to come out of the woodwork.

Lexington, KY, USA here, could probably travel an hour or so to fly with someone. Working on my 3rd FPV rig atm.


Poughkeepsie, NY-ish area. Fly in wooded areas, trails at a few large state parks, abandoned buildings. One building is 8 stories high :). Really anywhere away from public.


New York, NY here. I’ve been taking my little Hubsan to some meetups at the model aircraft fields, though it doesn’t play too nice in the wind. Other than that, I like flying it indoors and in the nearby park when no one’s around.


Kansas here… I feel like I’m the only one in the state flying sometimes lol. Havent met a single person yet in the area…

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Last Night we had a small meet up at Flamingo Park, in South Beach Miami, Fl We had three people out there 5 quads. It was a great time, my first time flying with other micros in the air.

The security passed by to make sure we weren’t doing anything bad or fishy they asked to see the quads and had a blast watching them fly. They left us alone and let us know the court lights turned off at 10 which they did at about 10:02. We then proceeded to fly outside by the tennis courts under the lights until those turned off at 11pm sharply.

Finally concluded with some night flying finishing up our batteries with a couple laps around the trees in the open. All the bystanders seemed more curious than anything about the tiny lights in buzzing around and wanted to see them and asked where they can purchase them.

I might do something more formal maybe once a week.

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Utica ny upstate here fly at some parks or schools would be great to find more flyers in my area


Make that two from PA,
West Chester, here.


North County, San Diego, CA here. I’ve yet to hit some locations that my wife’s boss saw for racing. For now, yust the house, park and work on some occasions. The thought of flying the Tiny Whoop in the brewery is tempting…perhaps I can talk the supervisors into it and have some good material for youtube when my darn DVR gets here. :triumph: