PedroWhoop FC in 7016 FPV build


This build has been long in coming.

I hand built this beautiful PedroWhoop FC designed by @pedro147 in California two years ago but was unable to get it to arm. I sent it to @pedro147 in Australia for some diagnostics. Soon after posting it off, I destroyed my left ankle and spent a year and a half recovering from that injury.

Peter sent the FC back to me a month ago and with some additional work and much help From @pedro147 I was able to get it to arm. I installed it in a 7016 blue frame from MMW using CL-0716-17 motors and a Boldclash F-01 FPV camera and I must say I really like the way she flies, even though I’m a crapy pilot having been unable to fly for so long.

Anyway here’s a picture of the little beauty.

And here’s a video flying FPV inside my beach house…I have a long way to go getting back to my piloting skills of a few years ago.


Fabulous @Hammer and it makes me happy to see you back in the game :slight_smile:


The more I fly the PedroWhoop FPV, the more I like it. @pedro147 did a very nice job designing the FC…extremely smooth and responsive and I’m starting to get some of my FPV flight skills back. Another Beach House video a bit more adventurous than the first.


Great to see you having some fun with that 8bit FC @Hammer.

Who needs 32bit hey ? :slight_smile:


I’m just happy to have been able to get it flying after all of this time @pedro147.

Everything from here is just gravy. :wink: