Patience... (long read)

This is more a story of impatience, I figured I’d just share it with you guys JIC someone else is suffering from this curse of impatience and happens to stumble across this post prior to ruining some of their equipment, like I did :slight_smile:

So, I am new to building quads. I usually by RTF stuff, but figured I wanted more custom features on my quads lately so I am trying to branch of into learning about how these sick little machines are built!

I had no idea where to start though, and I didn’t really know about this forum, so i bought this DIY brushed bnf kit essentially using a 115mm frame, 8.5mm motors, and scisky flight controller, and tried to assemble it myself (hence the “scisky nightmare” thread. )

That didn’t work out all too well, I ruined my scisky with shotty soldering. this is the first item destroyed by impatience.

So i went to visit the place where they make these bnf kits (Luckily I only live a little over an hour away, it was amazing seeing them cut out carbon fiber frames and stuff! ) and basically got set up with another scisky flight controller. The representative re flashed me some naze firmware, and even tuned the quad to my liking for me through clean flight which was awesome!

So i bring my new bnf quad/friend home and start crashing it trying to learn how it flies LOS style! :slight_smile: I crashed and tinkered with it so much that i ended up using up all of my motors… :frowning: the fun stops here??? these are the second items destroyed by impatience)

I couldn’t get new motors until Monday, which was way too far away. I wanted to fly nowwwwwww! :slight_smile: (desperate to keep on flying, this is where things get really crazy. :confused: )

So i decided since I had a set of MMW insane editions for my latrax alias, I figured i’d just install those… but the connectors were different though! So I removed the alias connectors and just tried to install the crimped wires into the FC micro JST sockets in the proper order. I get it all set up, connect the battery, and try to fly it…

i heard BUZZ POP upon throttle, a few motors spun up but I quickly shut it all down when i realized I had really messed something up! the smell of the burnt FC board instantly made me super sad. :frowning: … Now the fun is really actually done!..

“Why would I do that?” i said to myself… because im addicted to flying, and couldn’t wait! It’s been a really bad couple of weeks for me lately, and the only thing i want to do is fly but I can’t because of work, the rain, and because of finding places to fly… Which is why I started working on brushed builds to begin with!

So out of desperation to see if my FC was fried or not, I plugged in 4 of the old worn out motors just to see if it still turned on and functioned properly. When I hooked up the battery, the motors instantly started spooling up without even touching the sticks, which shouldnt be happening… So i definitely screwed something up big time on the FC… This is item number 3 I screwed up due to impatience.

So basically, I burnt out 2 FCs, and a crap ton of motors so far all because i was too impatient…

moral of the story: be smart, be patient. Be cautious of what you are doing when putting things together, and don’t try to do anything you know nothing about, especially when it involves about $100. :slight_smile: :frowning: bitter sweet… A lesson learned, but at quite an expense! I love learning but damn this time it hurts! :frowning: lolllll Hopefully writing this post will serve as a reminder for myself, and as a public service for all noobie brushed builders… BE PATIENT!


All I could add to this is remember to ask here if in any doubt about your setup and because this forum has so many good answers the search function generally works really well to get you in the right place to ask.
I can relate to the desperate to just fly part :slight_smile: it’s cost me a fair bit too fortunately not as serious as yours.
All I can say is don’t give up and keep on learning.

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I too am very familiar with learning the hard way :blush:

Consider trying an FC that’s all set to go. The AlienFlight was my first programmable fc and is my favorite to this day. Hardware on board, no soldering; you may need to learn some minor ardiuno and multiwii software but Benedikt and the community made it simple to figure out. It’ll cost about the same as 2 scisky’s before toasting… but those fets will never toast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Start off with cheaper slower motors too. It sucks to break expensive motors and it’s inevitable while learning on the fastest ones available :wink:

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I second @Chaotix statement.
Don’t give up.
If you don’t burn something you don’t learn something! Period.
That’s part of the game and this great hobby/addiction.

I can’t count the mistakes I made. Including burning two Scisky FCs, one because I didn’t know how to use a multimeter, another one because of reversed polarity. Lifted solder pads because of lack of soldering skills and proper equipment. Popped out motor caps while installing props, and wrecked numerous motors because of hard crashs due to my limited piloting skills…
Lately I killed a 45€ 4in1 brushless ESC on my second indoor test hover because of a stupid zip tie mistake paired with a bad solder job.
Examples could be extended numerously…

Hey, sometimes we should be impatient and just try things, even if we don’t know exactly what will happen.
Remember the days of childhood?
That’s the way to go. Even if it’s not the only one.

I’ll encourage you to keep on going.
This place here is an endless knowledge base with some open minded fellas who are always trying to help each other in a non offensive way. And that can not be taken for granted in our times of social media overkill.
Whatever you wreck because of impatience or whatever don’t feel ashamed to post about it here. I bet everyone here can tell stories like that from personal experience.

Oh what a long post.

Fly it like you stole it!
I’m out…


@Chaotix Absolutely! This forum has been nothing but helpful in every way possible! Benedikt wasn’t joking when he said he has one of the slickest, cleanest most funtional forums with the smartest minds in the scene! I won’t give up! :slight_smile: This hobby is too much fun, even when things go sour! It’s funny when we say we are desperate to fly, the average person may think we are insane… they probably have just never been behind the goggles before :wink:

@boomtown Thank you for recommending this FC… I will DEF give it a go next paycheck!!! and yes, thanks for the recommendation!

I will definitely consider the idea of cheaper motors as well… I
think I was so desperate to tune my quad to be as close to brushless as
possible (acro performance wise, not speed wise lol) that I impatiently
installed the insane editions just to see how super fast they were! silly me.

@chrisdo lol!!! i love that phrase! I get what you mean by remembering the days of childhood, we learn to crawl before we walk and we learn not to put our hands on the stove when the light is on! :smiley: Funny how you mention of thinking back to simpler days of childhood, I think that’s why i love messing with these little machines so much, its definitely a nice escape from reality and into reliving childhood! lol I definitely won’t be quitting, that’s for sure. I love this forum, and am thankful for all who participate in it… I can only hope to contribute and help out, but all within due time of course. ps, about the 4 in 1 ESC went down due to zip tie and poor solder job , bummer!!! hope this does not reside in my future! :frowning: I just bought a favourite littlebee 4in1 ESC for my upcoming 130mm brushless build… lol I’m definitely taking a few weeks on that one though, its my first true real build ever basically lol

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The Littlebee 4in1 was the one I talked about.
First fun you’ll have with it is to get rid of those wires soldered on with that damn lead free solder. What a stupid idea from the manufacturer to put those wires on.
Use enough flux and mix the lead free stuff with some good lead solder.
And remember, be patient, haha.

No way! lolllllll goodnesssss. Did you ever get that rig up and running? WHAT fc are you using with it?

Flew mine only indoors while test hovering. Than the loose wire incident.
One of the ESCs on the board isn’t working anymore. No visible damage, but the motorwire maybe shorted to one of the pads next to it.

So I bit the bullet and bought a new one here in Europe for nearly 60€ because I didn’t want to wait for the slow boat from china where you can get them for around 45.
It worked great so far.

Added two adafruit sequins for better orientation while flying los.


!!! What a chill neat little build! I bet it RIPS! Loving the clean LOS colors and LED .

I’ve never burned out a single part on my quads from building them, just a flight controller from a crash! Then again I am way too careful. I’ve learned a bunch though… youtube and forums like this are a gold mine of info!

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