Parrot Mini Drone Motors on E011? [SOLVED, ANSWER - YES]


Since a couple motors are broken on my e011 can I take my parrot motors and 3d print a 8mm frame to transplant the e011 fc?


the e010 frame works with 8mm motors, so the same will be with the e011 fc. I tried it and the motors were hot after flying, but it works


well my stock motors are a little bit warm after a full battery on it, ill try tho


Definitely! Might blow the MOSFETs up eventually, but if you can keep a 3D printer happy you can replace MOSFETs, especially the kind the e011 uses.

How well it will fly is hard to say, but if you put Silverware firmware on it you can tune it till it flies quite well, just like the H8 mini.


I dont really understand all the drone terminology yet, whats a mosfet?


Welcome to drone world!!! :rofl:


Sorry, not trying to laugh at you, i think i made that same question two weeks ago


just searched it up, how is anyone supposed to replace those tiny things :sweat_smile:


Exactly what i thought. They say it’s easy… Of course with the right tools, and a magnifying glass, a big one…


actually i could just use those cheap kados motors, and make a frame for that. it would be easier and cheaper long term


didnt know u could adjust settings in silverware, thought it was a install and be done kinda thing


It’s not as simple as betaflight, but it’s all there too be assisted, just no graphical interface.
Once you get it nailed down it flies really nice, too.

The MOSFETs are a bit of a rough project to learn soldering on, but it’s not as bad as it looks.
Part of it though is that if you’re replacing them it’s because your FC is dead, so worst case it stays dead. That lowers the pressure a bit.

If you want I can send you a dead-dead FC to practice on. I put the battery connector on backwards and cooked it, so it’s useless at this point.


nah its ok i think ill end up getting these and transplant everything on a 3d printed frame