Parrot Mambo lighter?


i got a “old” Parrot Mambo that i´m trying to make lighter (63g now), my idea is to remove the whole shell with the Legobrick on the back. Maybe “shave” the frame like i read in another post with the Parrot Spider frame. But since we can´t access the firmware to adjust or flash something, i´m concerned that the mambo is not flying properly after the modification.
Have somebody tried something like that with the Minidrones from Parrot?

I love the parrot frame, and the mambo seems like so much fun with all of its cool add ons and stuff…Id say you could definitely remove stuff like the legobrick on the back prop gaurds, the body shells - but I wouldn’t make any modifications to the base frame (the rolling spider frame). It may weaken the frame and damage on the first crash… The frame is designed pretty well and can handle some abuse, but cutting little bits off of it would definitely reduce its structural integrity.

I would only cut these Lego knobs from the frame, every arm got 2 knobs and there are 4 knobs on the bottom. But now i´m still not sure if maybe -5 grams (when i´m removing shell etc.) would change the flight behaviour in a negative way, because of the preprogrammed firmware which we can´t access.

You never know it could mess with it in a negative way possibly, and you are right to make these changes it could have an effect on how the stock tune flies… Not a bad way of thinking! Better to play it safe than sorry. Have you built any quads yet? If you have not, then i highly suggest doing so! :slight_smile: seems to me like engineering stuff and tinkering is what you may like doing!