Order 3D printed Frame - Ducted frame Tiny whoop

Hello all,

I recently purchased a qx70 (I like it - not love it - its a wee bit under powered), as it’s my first “tiny whoop” inspired craft I’ve caught the bug.

So I’ve been busy looking for a good quality ducted 8.5mm motor frame so I can build my own “Tiny whoop” creation, but struggle to find a decent frame.

I found a great looking 3D printed whoppee frame but now need to find a printing service.

Does anybody now of a reasonably decent price/quality 3D printer service, or even a frame I can buy ?

Part list:
Alien brain FC
8.5 mm motors
Lemon rx

Not sure where you could buy that specific one but you should try looking into 3d Hubs. I know there’s a guy, Xeon, on the MMC Discord that has a store on there. I believe it’s called “Stefano’s Hub” and he’s based out of MA. Not sure where you live but I’m sure you could find somebody close by through there also.

Thanks, i found a few places that would make it, but ended up costing more time and effort than getting this . .

You don’t happen to be in Europe? I have a 3d printer. I would never pay so much for a 3d printed frame, because they break pretty easily. This might be an option:

Cutting 2 blades is also an option I guess. Might be even better.

Been looking at that frame

I’ve printed that Miniwhoop a few times but never bothered to build it. Once I had my Silverwhoop running, I didn’t see the need. Power/weight scales pretty linearly with brushed… so fhe 8.5mm power advantage would be modest. With the size it seems more suited towards outdoors. And outdoors I’d rather save the weight/drag and ditch the shrouds. YMMV but that was my assessment.

(I learned this from my friend’s experience with the Lady Owl, a brushless protected quad. He did a beautiful build. Flew it once or twice, recognized the tradeoffs. He stripped it and sold the frame.)

I ordered this - the banggood frame - a few months ago. It was terrible quality and they refunded my order.

Thanks for all the input. I’m going to change course and look at building the Rambo Whoop

@JBFPV I’m in Australia, the quotes were in the range between $40 - $130 depending material.

@Denovich Thanks for this info, I didn’t consider all of this, had fun flying my insane parrot and wanted to try the ducted version

@reillyman Hopefully I can get a refund if terrible quality.

It is possible that I’m being too harsh on heavier ducted designs… but it is at least something to consider. There are definite tradeoffs involved, and brushed designs are particularly sensitive to weight.