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Opinions on these batteries?


My first batch of 30c batteries for my e011 seem to be wearing out. I’m leaning towards these 45c replacements. Will they make much difference in performance?


I’ve only used the 30c and those.
So far i think they are one of the best height/performance there are.
(I read someone saying this in the forum)
I would like to know the opinion of anyone who used the 45c and some others 4.35v HV battery.
PS: All those chargers suck and overcharge, so be careful (i bought the kit with the green charger + 6 bats)


thanks! I have a decent charger. I should have mentioned that I won’t be using the one that comes with these…if I get them. :wink:


I order this ones : https://www.banggood.com/5Pcs-GAONENG-3_8V-260mAh-30C60C-Lipo-Battery-for-Eachine-US65-UK65-QX65-URUAV-UR65-Mobula7-p-1375603.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN
Ppl said that they last longer than betafpv 260mah and i want to know the diference of the “HV” version.
For the charger i use the boldclash " Intelligent charger", and im loving it so far.


They’re great, I’ve run them hard and they still live!


Do you have any thought VS 45c eachine 260mah ?


My reply was aimed at the question in the first post, but from what I’ve read the betafpv and gnb hv packs are excellent too. Arguably better, but a frame built for the Eachine packs won’t accept the others.


thanks, @Bobnova! I’m for sure getting them now!

@Kalty, thanks for sharing those too, cuz they’ll fit the cockroach frame I have my eye on!
I have the same charger and it seems pretty solid. I might try to verify how accurate it is sometime. overall, it meets my needs.


I always use tattu 220mah 3.7v, they are awesome.


I’ll add to the chorus that they are great batteries for the E011. The GNBs are ‘better’ from a true c-rating perspective but the E011 doesn’t draw much current so it doesn’t come into play. What does come into play is that to eachine 30c and 45c batteries fit very nicely, the GNB do not!