Opinions: 3 blade props for HawkR?


Running a 2" HawkR
Motors: RS1106 6000KV
Props: 2" 4 blade Avan micros
Batteries: currently 3S, plan to run 2S as main.


Buy one set of each type of 2" prop, and fly them like u stole them… thats the only way to really determine what props you like and what will work with your set up… some props are heavier, some props are lighter… weighing them out before testing is a good idea, and keeping an eye on motor temps will give you a good idea of how its responding with the set up, of course as well as visual performance in your FPV feed/ sticks

usually lighter props will give the motors less struggle, but can bend easier… sometimes too thick of a prop will bog down a motors full potential, but even so could provide plenty of thrust… quad blades will give you an ish load of thrust and feel very locked in but may be heavy due to having more blades… bi-blades can usually be very fast for top speed runs, but may lack a sense of “grip” in the air compared to a quad blade…

These are the kind of kind of the things you gotta weigh out per your flying style, as well as your flying environment

my favorite 2" prop atm is the 2" gemfan quad blades… VERY light for being a quad blade, so performance is STELLAR. However, the durability suffers from being such a thin prop, kind of easy to lose its balance compared to thicker 2" props.


These caught my attention.
[Lumenier 2.2x3 Micro Propeller](Lumenier 2.2x3 Micro Propeller (Set of 8 - Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D9V41L9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_-pZJBb39T9N9H)


Those look pretty kick ass man… may feel a little “loose” around the corners (usually quadblades tend to grip into corners, but will provide plenty of top speed because it only has 2 blades to spin vs 3 or 4 blades…