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Opinion Needed: Lipo Alarm Buzzer 2-4S


Does anyone here have any experience with these? I am looking to add an alarm on my 2s (no OSD) and looking for something small and lite.



what FC are you using?..

Most FCs have a positive pad and negative pad for a buzzer, this will allow for you to program in betaflight the buzzer to a switch on your TX.

this is a banggood pre assembled buzzer. You can snip the plugs if u dont have a plug in port for a buzzer and solder directly to the pads…

But if you really like to solder and enjoy it, its always fun to make a buzzer yourself with some 28-30awg wire and these:

grab a pack of buzzers, a nice selection of heatshrink, flux, and wire and go to town! :smiley:


The fc does have buzzer pads, I tried to set up a buzzer on one of the 1S versions without success but could try again. I have a buzzer from a QX105 Bat and where I cut the slat off of the cover on the new frame to make room for the antenna, the buzzer can be wedged in the spot. I just need to rewire it.

I do have a question on that. The original wires came off (crappy factory soldering) and I am not sure which is positive. I’m thinking it’s the one in-line with the + on the top, am I correct in this?


Yes, the + mark on the buzzer indicates the positive, and the black side indicates the negative.


Ok, rewiring was a success. Getting it to work, not so much.

I found a wire with a 1.25 plug I cut off a dead motor and wired that to the beeper, then soldered a socket to the beeper pads. (correct polarity)

Plugged it in and headed over to BF to configure and nothing happens.

I unplug it, pop it on a power source and the beeper is working. This was also the case when I tried the beeper on another board of the same type, direct soldier, and I had the same result.


interesting… Bummer man. :frowning: some of those f3 evo sp racing boards may have pictures suggesting they have buzzer pads, but they aren’t functional… it seems on those boards they end up just being a 5v / gnd … If you have set up the buzzer properly in betaflight, and it is not working then chances are you may have one of those boards. It was worth the try though!

A good way to determine if its the board or if its the betaflight firmware from here would be to set the buzzer up again in betaflight on a switch with your TX, and check to see if any LEDs on the board are blinking when you activate the buzzer. (at least ONE LED should be blinking for buzzer function.) If this is unsucessful then the firmware wasnt intended for use with a buzzer (unlikely though), or the board is not configured for the buzzer (likely).


I did set up a switch as well and noticed that when I flipped the switch one of the leds blinked in rapid secession.

I also emailed SPC Maker and got the following reply…

"Hello! Do you have brush firmware? It was originally installed with cleanflight firmware. Short pad if you want to refresh the firmware. "


thats not very helpful lol i believe you are already running betaflight right?.. what firmware/version are you running? go to CLI tab and type “version”

the truth is that board just may not be physically configured for use with a buzzer.


I’m running BF 3.4. I’m wagering it’s not configed for it since it didn’t work on two of the same FC’s. :frowning:


No worries, just Fly em till you fry em brotha! Keep good mental tracking of your location in case you crash, a general proximity and about 15-20 minutes goes a long way. Not many brushed models have buzzers these days anyway really (whoop fc’s dont come with buzzers, not too many legit brushed FCs out there these days anyways… )

I could recommend the multiflite pico brushed FC, thats a quality brushed board with buzzer but it is also a bit on the heavy side too…


99% of the time it’s not hard to find in my yard. The other 1% is either wandering around or using the diversity power levels of my goggles to get me in the general location, then I go into geocacher mode.

Hel, I’m more likely to kill my quads due to my tinkering than burning them out. I broke the lens housing off one camera when I tried to focus it, and having to re-solder a wire off another camera, again, after getting a new camera installed and ready to fly. Went from three functional to one.

As much as I like flying them I am wanting to get something with OSD.


works fine without aging lipos. Better than adjustable alarms. Beeper OK . Experiance on rc heli only