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Thanks @Theon. Once I get the boards back and confirm that they work (touch wood) I’ll send you one up if you like.


Should be here on Monday but unfortunately I stuffed up and didn’t order the MPU-6500’s. I have some cheap breakout boards from Ebay on the slow boat damn it :disappointed_relieved:


They look good but I hope that they work OK :alien:


I hope to building fc’s again by early next year, so got my eyes on this one😉


Once my gyros get here I’ll let you know how it goes


After speaking with @madman1412 on Saturday I realised that I had an MPU-6500 from some AlienFlightNG v2.0b builds so I was able to complete this build yesterday. Smooth sailing aside from not having any 0603 2.2uF caps but luckily some 0402 got me out of trouble. All flashed OK so I just have to set up the RX, PID’s etc , motor test and put it into a build to test fly. I don’t envisage any problems but you never know :slight_smile:


Slowly getting there with this board. It hasn’t been an easy delivery :slight_smile: