Open source Alienflight FC


It is a rtfq alien

As I suspected. Many problems with these boards.


With a cigarette no less! :smiley: That looks awesome.


not sure if I’m in the right place.
I have a alien 5v card and it flys great except for front flips.
If i try to back flip i can get a tight controlled flip or double flip.
Foreward flip it spins like crazy for 4 flips uncontrollably then recovers control.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @tronaton :slight_smile:

If it is an 8bit FC then this thread is probably more active these days.

On any 8bit AlienWii and AlienFlight cards, you can get erratic behaviour if you rates are too high apparently.


thank you Pedro
So I turn the rates down to 1.0 and it’s OK I’m going to try to get a tighter flip with no freak out,
but if I can’t I’m still satisfied!


Glad when I can help @tronaton :smiley:


ok how about this one…
i had a fet go on one of my white classic boards.
madman sent me a few replacements.
I replaced the fet, visually it looks good.
However now the props will not spin up untill the tx registers about 1200…
flies fine just has a high lowest throttle now.
how can i fix this?

thanks so much


@tronaton TX and TX firmware settings are not a strong point for me but I would check that you are getting from about 1000 to 2000 in the GUI throttle bar graph with an RX connected to the FC and bound to your TX.


Yes all range is being hit.
For some reason a gap from lowest throttle has formed.
i plugged in and raised throttle, then stopped when motors spun.
Then i plugged into gui after removing battery.
It takes about 1200 in the gui to start the props spinning.
It was fine before the fet replacement.
My other identical card flys great with the same model file.

thank you for suggesting this.
its still flyable. yet the gap is a bit of a downside now.


I think that @madman1412 would be the best to give advice here and hopefully he will see this tag :grinning:


Seeing as this thread is lacking much action lately here is my latest AlienFlight derivative (or remixed as @brucesdad13 prefers :grinning: ) project

  • Flight controller Baynes AlienFlight derivative
  • Frame - ImpulseRC String Theory 230
  • ESC’s - Favourite FVT LittleBee Spring 30A ESC
  • Motors - Emax RS2205-2300 2205 2300KV
  • Battery - Turnigy Graphene 1300mAh 4S 65C
  • PDB - Diatone V5.0 Power Hub with BEC
  • Props - KIngKong 5040


It sounds as though possibly there may be a bad solder joint to one of the legs of the FET. I have never seen this type of behavior from a FET before and I have seen a lot of toasty ones. Usually it is either they melt down and sometimes damage the trace to the negative pin of the motor socket or they spin the motor at low speed as soon as the FC is plugged in. Have a look under magnification at the FET and post what the letters and #s are. I am pretty sure I sent the correct FETs but just to be sure let’s check that. SEDOV is what should be stamped on that FET. If that is correct then try fluxing the pins and reflowing the solder to the pins with the iron. I would also have a look at the motor socket pins to be sure they are solidly soldered.


It seems to not have anything to do with the FET at all which is strange.
You did send me the right ones.
The high lowest throttle even happens with the FET/motor plug removed.


Did you check this?


yes that is what is on the fet.


Hi guys,
I’m (desperately) looking for a board with the following specs:

  • 32kHz capable (means F4 or F7 & 6500, 9250 or 20602 gyro)
  • PDB included (I prefer separate ESCs over 4in1s - lower profile, better maintenance etc.)
  • 4 motor outputs
  • some UARTs (RX + OSD), something that works with XM/XM+ receivers
  • PikoBLX/Femto size - or smaller, mounting holes if possible
  • LED strip pad would be awesome.

Seems the AlienFlightNG F7 Quad Brushless matches those specs pretty closely, but lacks an additional UART (OSD?) and is too big (my grandma can solder that!).
I always had the feeling the designs are made for “easy soldering” - can we make it a little harder? Please.
I also have no problems with some parts on the other side of the board, as long there are some mounting holes.


There are some remixed AlienflightNG designs in the works as far as I can see, F4 and F7. As soon as designs are released I’ll pick up some with 20x20 mounting and build a few up. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. My summer project is to learn Eagle cad and try remixing some myself.
There is a good chance that there will be something with a built in frsky rx in the works too.


I think I don’t want a built in SBUS receiver - I prefer the genuine full range FrSky D16 receivers - they are small (by now) an pretty reliable.
I really don’t want a uSKY (D8) based design on a very fast machine ;).

Played with KiCAD a while ago, but not really something I love to do. I’m better building them than designing them ;). I don’t think I’m the only one looking for a board with the above specs.
Oh and I’m totally fine with soldering down to 0201. It’s a pain in the ass - but if it has to be done… :wink:
0402 is a walk in the park.


can anyone make the board through hole compatible :grinning:


Well, you can. :slight_smile:

Compatible with what?