Open source Alienflight FC


Sorry to come across I bit agro @boomtown but as you can see I do not like RTFQ 's morals or lack of :smiley:


hey Benedikt I’m about to watch the live stream just wanted to know what LE&FCC you have available at this moment, so I can make a purchase ASAP. Looking forward to your response and looking forward to the live stream. See you there buddy.


Hey @Carmine_RC,
sorry, for some reason the forum ghost considered your last post here suspicious, so it only just got published after I approved it.
But dont worry, if you hang around for a bit longer, he will get used to you and leave you alone :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “LE&FCC”?


Helpful and stingy as usual :smiley:


HI Benedikt,
Just to start off I love you and your company and I’m the type of person
that likes to do business with certain people that I trust and believe in
and I don’t mind paying extra money for a quality service and quality
products and I know that what your company is about, and that’s what you
are about. Sorry about the confusion (autocorrect) I’m looking for the
newest alien flight FC that you have.I understand that you’re starting to
sell them on your site and I wanted to talk to you personally about what
you think would best be best for my needs. I know you’re a busy man so if
you just want to direct me to the site I’ll just go to the site. I I’m in
the middle of doing about 5 different builds three brushless quads and to
brushed quads. The genius that you are if you can take a minute out of your
busy schedule to tell me what would best suit me; see builds;

2 ZMR 250 brushless Quads
2 8.5mm motor brushed Quads
1 6mm brushed Quad

Thanks very much for getting back to me and looking forward to a long time
business relationship with MMW


Sorry @Benedikt but that is the way I roll

and I don’t pull my punches when it comes to immoral people like the RTFQ CEO :smiley:


As they say, “If the shoe fits, wear it” :wink:

Hello @Carmine_RC. @Benedikt is probably sleeping now as he does that sometimes :slight_smile: This is his night over there in Australia. The AF 5v side USB that he is selling are suitable for any build of a brushed quadcopter. The 8.5mm motors are best in my opinion as far as what size motor I would choose and personally I only have one or two that have smaller motors. For the most part my brushed builds feature the 0820-15 motors and they are very good for these builds. If you want to tour the MMW site you can find it here Also besides being able to parouse the various offerings there you will also find information that can help you with the build and links to other places under the contact us link on the site. For my brushed builds I typically keep it simple. X style frame either carbon fiber or polycarbonate, printed frames are alright but seem to be weak and break easier, motors, a dsmx or dsm2 satellite receiver, props ( I really like the parrots), and lastly a battery like the 480mah mylipo or something similar usually up to a 750mah. Lighter batteries will give you a better punch, the 700mah are usually a few grams heavier than the 480mah so they don’t bog down the quad as much. If you are looking to do an FPV micro then the easiest is to buy an all in one camera Vtx but you would also need the rest of the gear, Rx, monitor or goggles. If you want to really explore all of it and make some friends there are also a few FaceBook groups that are dedicated to all this. This one is the custom built brushed micro/nano multirotor group run by John Tivet who is the US distributor for MMW:
and the AW FC Fan Club which specifically is geared towards Alien FC both the original AlienWii and the new open source AlienFlight FC:
If you would like more info plus a bunch of friendly helpers that will guide you along come join the groups and introduce yourself, there are always folks looking to help. This also is a good place to be and there are plenty here as well that just want to pass on the knowledge. Hopefully this will help you out while Benedikt is taking a nap :wink: Welcome to the party as he says.


Thanks, I am a member of both of those groups I was just looking for some feedback or opinion on an alien for a brushless build but I’ll just check the site thanks for your reply have a great day!


Haha, whenever I read some of your lessons to the sleeze bags, I do it in this voice:


Thanks for spreading the wisdom, @madman1412 :wink:
@Carmine_RC, there is not general much to add to Adams advice. I think the 8-bit AlienFC is a great brain for 7-8.5mm brushed builds. For brushless, you need a different FC, and for 6mm, you probably want a lighter FC. It’s OK (performance wise) to fly at this FC on a LOS 6mm quad for indoors entertainment, but it’s weight and size is just outside the comfort zone for a nice 6mm build. I used MicroMWCs for a while on 6mm, but the Tiny Whoop woke up a lot of people that ignored the brushed micros until know, so we will see more useable FCs here, starting with NewBeeDrones BeeBrain.


Just call me Pastor Pedro147 my Son.

For blessed are the meek and damnation to RTFQ

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I agree, I’m still learning about FC’s and have joined groups so I can learn because I love building quads and I just want to learn! and this is a great place to learn! Thank you benedikt and MMW for educating people like myself!


Nice video @las, Great tips when we things get all wonkie on the werkbench. Thanks for the video mate!


After a bit of stuffing around until after 1am Sunday night, I finally got this @Decimus AlienFlight F3 brushless with built-in PDB soldered up and connected to CleanFlight this evening.

Not one bridged connection to fix which is a first after about twenty successful builds, and a bag full of failures :alien:

Stencil and parts preparation

Pasted up

Oven ready to reflow

Ready for sockets

Brushless AlienFlight F3 Built-in PDB Gyro action 9 Oct 2016


Congrats @pedro147.
Piece of beauty.

No buzzer pads on that?


No @chrisdo

It was a very late finish last night and I am feeling it today at work :slight_smile:


Hello Pedro
Good job you did.
it is you who have made the PCB and are schematic?
Do you know if its not have much problem with the engine power peak?
good flights


Hi @Ulix,

How are you going, well I hope :smiley: A friend gave me the PCB.

He modified it to run brushless motors, and it fly’s very well.

If you want to build a brushless AlienFlight you can build a F3 Quad Hybrid V1. The only Difference to this one is that this one needs an external PDB. if you need any more information on this just ask me.

Happy flights to you too Vincent :slight_smile:


I have the alien f3 board. I have tried cleanflight 1.14.1 and betaflight 3.0 & 3.0.1 and can’t get my spektrum sat to work in the rx tab. Any help getting this thing working would be great. I am wanting to fly acro with my 7mm micro setup.


Sorry for the delayed response. Can you post a screenshot, not photo of your RX tab in CleanFlight