Open source Alienflight FC


Yeah @Chaotix the more the merrier :slight_smile:


@pedro147 and @JG101 I’m heading that way the deeper I get into the rabbit hole! My soldering has improved lots already and my eyesight is getting worse, all signs I’m on the path. :sunglasses:


@Chaotix when you are ready to be initiated into hard core “soldering shit” of an FC nature, drop on over to AW FC Fan Club and/or FC builders and Hackers Cooperative and join the mayhem :slight_smile:

Just let us know that we met here so we know who you are .

No we don’t sacrifice virgins - we ran out :smiley:


@pedro147 On the first day?

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Site is down. Too soon to panic?


Hey @boomtown how’s it going :slight_smile: Two words - Don’t panic :slight_smile:

The news is sad news because Lance appears to have left the AlienFlight project and shut his site down as well as pulled his Repository on Github. I luckily, I think the terminology is “cloned that repository” so when he left all the files were still available because of that.

Michael Jakob (@mj666) Lance’s partner and main software guy is still maintaining the project and a guy from Adam’s Facebook group AW FC Fan Club, Gary Baynes @InVideoDrones
has taken up the challenge of the hardware side of things as much as possible and is doing a sterling job.

We have all the info required so it’s business as usual and although we are all sorry to see Lance go, that is his decision and we wish him all the best.

@Benedikt is now selling some 8bit AlienFlight cards and MicroFPV,de with Rob (@B2unit) and Michael (@mj666) are selling some F3 Hexa cards. The rest of us builders are still plodding along doing our thing The place to post about all this is here and also AW FC Fan Club so drop on over if you like Pedro


@B2unit and others
Will the alienflight hexa v2 board fit the adapter plate for the rolling spider frame?
Since Lance’s page is down I don’t know where to get the dimensions of this board.


I bet @pedro147 has the info you’re after :wink:


The Hexa dimensions are 27mm W x 31.5mm L :wink: They will work in an Alien brain adaptor, the narrow classic AW are actually about 1/2mm narrower. The AF narrow cards are 1.5mm narrower and the AF octo is 3mm wider.


Thx Adam.
So it should fit the adapter plate since @Benedikt is stating max. size of FC 27x36.


Just saw a brief glimpse of an Alienflight F4 board prototype on a new AndyRC YouTube vid. Does anybody have any more info? @Benedikt @mj666 ???


A little info here and a few other places


I believe that there is a new bigger and better web site coming soon :alien:


Since Lance’s site is down the parts list for the F3 Hexa Brushed V1 is unavailable, I do see the board on the OSH Park website and looks like the board can still be ordered. Can the parts list be posted here or another location?


@Mike196 pm me your email address and I’ll send you a spreadsheet courtesy of @InVideoDrones

I cannot attach Excel to pm’s here Weird :smiley:


Hi Chrisdo,

Here a technical drawing with measurements.


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September 23 @B2unit and others
Will the alienflight hexa v2 board fit the adapter plate for the rolling spider frame?
Since Lance’s page is down I don’t know where to get the dimensions of this board. Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.

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AF F3V2_technical drawing.pdf (29.1 KB)


The F4 boards are actually still in prototype and testing phase.


I got an alien f3 from rtf quads. Which pin holes are boot and which is bind?


@boomtown my first temptation is to tell you to ask RTFQ, but seeing as he is a creep, and as was said to me his customer service consists of you making a PayPal claim against him I will answer you this one question :smiley:

With USB at the right, Boot is top left and Bind is top right.

What, was he too cheap to put it on the silkscreen :smiley:


Thanks! Yeah, it’s certainly not full feature; but it’s my first F3 Alien brain.